Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fleshbot and Father's Day

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot chases the superstitions from a Friday the thirteenth weekend by dropping in on those who get lucky. Apparently all it takes is planning, perseverance and, well, luck.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me sharing and being shared, as you do.

The deflowering of Mariella continues with her first public display of affection and her first threesome with the first woman she ever touched, kissed, tasted, and all those fine ways one says howdy to a new friend.

If Janie has anything to say about it, this is the launch of a mutual admiration society—and to think it all began with the passing of notes and cock.

I’m enjoying a fine Father’s Day weekend with the kids. Today we are all hungover from a day at Six Flags with Bridget. She organized the day–long outing and proposed that we attack the park in two groups: she would mind Collie and Lillie, leaving Jason and me to focus on the roller coasters. We would regroup for lunch and rides we could all enjoy together.

Now, as a single dad, I really appreciated the genius of her plan. Without Bridget, the alternative plan might have been to allow Jason to bring a friend so that he could ride the coasters. We would’ve parted company in the morning and regrouped when the park closed. That’s what solo parents do as their kids grow up.

Instead, we big boys were set loose on the park. Jason determined that we should not only ride the coasters, but also ride them in the front seat. This gave us the shared experience of screaming in terror repeatedly, and hours of talking as we stood in lines. Time with a child is my kind of Father’s Day gift.

Even if I wonder what one does when a dreamy teenager jokes about his mother’s pot smoking.

Bridget also had her share of spills and chills with “our” kids.

I’d tell you more now, but Father’s Day calls for a special brunch. And since the kids are calling for food, I’m off to the kitchen.


Cdk said...

Happy Father's Day!

Bridget said...

You realize of course, I've been a slugabed pretty much the entire day.

I did manage to have breakfast at Ihop.

At 8:30 pm.

Now, back to bed.

Seriously. Those kids are almost more exhausting as sex.

And yes. I have a rather unattractive flip flop tan since I ignored your warnings re: sunscreen.


Viviane said...

Here's to another Father's Day, Daaad! Those kids are resilient and wonderful.

And here's to 'auntie' Bridget! (It's a Chinese thing.)

bad influence girl said...

ahhh what a lovely gift miss bridget gave you... even better because it gave in both directions!

hope you're loving your new place sir and a happy father's day to you!

Anonymous said...

Good friends are a treasure. You are blessed, obvs. Apropos of nada, I thought you would enjoy this.