Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving, By Lillie

Every day in school, Lillie has free time to write whatever she chooses in a daily diary. Here is today’s entry.

Need some tips on moving? Then read this paragraph!

Moving in fourteen days in is very hard! When you have to move in fourteen days, you have to pack, arrange the new house and say bye to everyone! Sometimes when you, for example, need to do laundry, people say stuff like, “Bye, gonna miss you! What’s your new house like? Where are you moving?” And anything else. That could put you under pressure because you have to race back upstairs and keep packing. This is very stressful. You can have no free time sometimes!

Sometimes, you have to get rid of stuff in your house that you like and replace it. But you can also think happy things. If you’ve always wanted a pet and your old building didn’t allow them, you might be able to get that pet in your new building.

Here’s a few tips when you pack:

1. When you’re packing books, put them sideways so there’s more room in the box.

2. When you pack clothing, fold them so there’s more room.

Well, good luck moving!

The End.


Lillie had not yet packed anything when she wrote this entry. When she came home from school, she promptly sorted and filled boxes with her stuffed animals and books. The discards, she said, will go to “hungry kids.”


Bridget said...

...or, those stuffed animals will come back home to me...

Wait! This means I can give her a whole NEW bunch of stuffed animals!

Heh. Guess who's going to own 15 hedgehog beanie babies???

Josh Jasper said...

Has moving day come ad gone? f you still need help carrying stuff, let me know when and I'll see if I have free time.