Monday, April 14, 2008

Fleshbot and Girl Talk

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot ties down submissives to get an earful from the bottom. Ball gags off, please.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me with some of the birthday girls—and still one to go!—wondering what’s with all the Aries in my life?

Tilda decided she would like a gangbang for her birthday, and asked me to invite one man for every year of her life. Did I mention she turned thirty-six?

A little while ago, Sinclair of Sugarbutch Chronicles asked me to participate in a contest. She invited eleven bloggers to submit erotic scenarios that she would elaborate into salacious sex tales. (I was the only biological male she asked, more evidence in support of my contention that I’m the last stop on the road to lesbian, and the first exit on the return.)

Now that Sinclair has concluded her series, it’s time for readers to vote—who will be the next Sugarbutch Star? This button will take you to a page where you can vote for your choice. You can also read the complete series.

Here’s an update on my family crisis: it seems to be coming to a resolution, as this weekend, I signed a lease on a new place. I’ve certainly learned a good deal about New York real estate in the process of searching for a home. I can’t wait to forget it all. Thanks so much to those of you who helped to make this possible, and who have inquired after my family. Stay tuned for more.

Speaking of tuned, my daughter Lillie enjoys tuning in on anything any girls are doing anywhere. She’s surrounded herself with a clique of girls in school, anointing one her BFF and the rest her “special friends.” The gang allows one boy to be around, she tells me, “but only because it’s fun to rub your hands on his hair.”

One afternoon, as we rode the bus home after school, Lillie fell quiet and eavesdropped on two teenage girls gossiping in the seat behind us.

“Yeah, but she was already with that one guy and then she hooked up with that other guy. She’s a slut, if you ask me.”

“No, she’s not,” her friend said, her voice rising in disagreement. “That dude was gone. He didn’t even live anywhere near her. That shit was over.”

“I don’t care about that,” the first teen argued. “If you say you’re with somebody, you don’t just go off and hook up with someone else. That’s just two timing.”

“What was she supposed to do? Just sit around, doing nothing? When it’s over, it’s over. End of story. She got herself a new man.” She sat back. “I’d have done the same damn thing.”

“Oh yeah?” her friend laughed. “What, would you get knocked up, too, like she did?”

“No! I’m not stupid. I’d use protection. But no way am I sitting around waiting on some boy to call.”

“Yeah, me too,” the first girl agreed. “She just should’ve told him it was over before she hooked up with the other guy. That’s what she should’ve done.”

“Yeah,” her friend nodded. “That shit’s fucked up.”

The girls paused, looking out the window. Lillie smiled up at me, excited to have been privy to such salacious adolescent gossip. I bobbed my head, pretending we weren’t listening.

“Anyway,” the first said. “What’s up with her name?”

“I know!” her friend laughed. “She’s got such an old lady name.”

“’Hester.’ Who names anyone that?”

“It’s like an old lady name.”

“It makes me think of a rat.”

“A baggy old lady with wrinkles.”

“A baggy old lady rat with wrinkles.” The girls giggled.

“Seriously.” The first girl stared out the window. “’Hester Prynne.’ What an effed-up name.”

After we left the bus, Lillie watched the teens walk off in another direction. “Those girls are so mean to their friend,” she said, almost admiringly.

I took her hand as we crossed the street. “Sweetie, I think they were talking about a character in a book, not a real person.”

She look up and rolled her eyes. “Dad, that was real.” She looked over her shoulder at the teenagers. “That’s what girls talk about—real stuff.”


Joy said...

I'm with you, Avah. Back in my day, we just talked about how very obvious Hawthorne was in his symbolism - being that he usually spelled out what each possible symbol meant. We weren't interested enough to debate about Hester's ethics. That's up there with Lord of the Flies, Farewell to Arms and Heart of Darkness as my least favorite high school reads.

Lolita said...

That's funny! Will you get her the book?

I can't wait to see the new place!

Anonymous said...

Ah... that's a brilliant conversation to overhear. How reassuring that the novel spoke to them to that degree... however they wanted to interpret the character.

Madeline Glass said...

Hah, I own three editions.

Because The Scarlet Letter is one of my favorite publications.
It's on my bookshelf with Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

Uh, wow, Hawthorne, Miller and Bernini? I must be some kind of recovering zealot.

Bridget said...

Wait wait wait, I know I have Hawthorne, Miller *and* Ibsen...of course, it's next to my Watterson and Larson collections, so I'm not quite sure what that makes me...

Except weird, of course.

Tilda said...

That's fantastic! Gives me hope for the future after all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new place. The awesome thing about moving is that at the end of it, you've moved!

desire said...

i hated that book.

kansas said...

"This match can work, but it will take a lot of hard work. Aries and Capricorn would seem to be complete opposites.
He is practical and serious; she is spontaneous and fun-loving. He is slow to share his thoughts and feelings; she finds it easy to say what she thinks.
Even with these differences, however, a strong love can grow between an Aries girl and a Capricorn boy. It’s just that it will take a really, really long time and a lot of patience for things to get on stable ground.
The Capricorn is all about making his mark on the world, and his aspirations are pretty big. Together, Aries and Capricorn can be a force of nature, because she has the grit to inspire him. Just keep in mind that sometimes, he may be focused on a school project or another duty—and his lack of attention is not about blowing you off.
This combination can be pure gold if you both understand where the other person is coming from."

Cdk said...

Congrats on signing the lease!

I think it's pretty cool the teenagers were discussing the book. (admittedly not my favorite book..but hey at least they're reading ~and~ thinking about the characters)

e jerry said...

I think it would be kind of amusing if Lillie has an interesting flashback when she actually has to read the book for school, but I'm weird that way...

Jocasta said...

Jefferson, you have a Libra Ascendant(all that charm!) which puts Aries on the cusp of your Decendant/7th house which rules your one to one relationships. Add to that the fact that your Jupiter is in the sign of Aries.

Jupiter/Sun synastry between charts is as good as it gets for generosity of spirit.

Your Aquarius Moon explains the other cluster fuck of birthdays in February and your love of being in a group or one of the crowd.

Charming Man said...

Hester Prynne was a slut! Big ol A and all. Agree with Marianne, it's nice to hear teenagers actually think about books they're forced to read.

Hated that book, tho. Most tedious book I've ever read, including Confessions of an Heiress. Washington Irving could kick Hawthorne's ass.