Thursday, April 10, 2008

Letter of the Week

Here’s a nice pick-me-up. The following was chosen as Time Out New York’s “Letter of the Week,” in response to the Secret Lives issue earlier this month.

Secret Service

Thanks to your Secret Lives of New Yorkers issue, I found a guy who could give me an orgasm! After being so intrigued by Jefferson’s story, I went to his blog, we emailed a bit and then had a meeting. After much cunnilingus, he was successfully able to get me off! He was the second man to ever do that. (Thank God for vibrators.) He might be helping me find my g-spot soon, too! Thanks again!

A., via email

She only left out the part in which I had to remove a painting from the wall she had been slammed against.


Ace said...

That makes me so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear more about the painting. :)