Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fleshbot and Winter Fire

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot gives ‘em what they want, but only because they know how to ask for it. Or better, to demand it.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me in the woods with Lynsey, surviving on tits and biscuits with a side of mouse head.

Jocasta commends my fingers and shows us how to tie a cock in place.

Lily looks back on a year of living somewhat dangerously, and finds I am more fun than a box of matches.

Speaking of stalking, those of you who are really devoted to chasing me can get a running start by registering for Winter Fire, which takes place in Washington, DC March 21-23. I’ll be there along with a number of my friends. This is the city mouse cousin of the country mouse sex camp Dark Odyssey, with great classes, awesome vendors and cool perverts. And folks, if you haven’t seen a hotel conference area transformed into a dungeon, well goodness, you haven’t experienced surreal décor.

If you have any questions about attending, feel free to drop a line.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog but find it somwehat interesting that you mention stalkers quite a bit.

Your readers are not stalkers are they? First timer here for posting after finally catching up with this blog a few months ago.

I don't consider myself a stalker do you?


Jefferson said...

Welcome, Linda.

Not all my readers are stalkers, but all my stalkers are readers. I make it easy for them to put their nose in my business to curtail complaints when it is discovered that I am not monogamous.

Mia said...

Jefferson! You're not monogamous? :-o

I can't be here! Too risqué for my delicate Southern sensibilities. Mammie, get my smelling salts! I feel the vapors coming on.