Thursday, July 19, 2007

Floating World

The fish of the Deep South may gurgle a collective sigh of relief. I’ve put aside my fishing pole and resumed my place in the city, back at my sticky, muggy keyboard.

My children have had their splinters plucked and the lake water washed from their hair; now, they are off for a vacation with their mother. Their freckled daddy plans to spend his summer days catching up on things—and that includes sending some true-life smut your way.

As you plan your summer vacation, perhaps you’d care to join me for a spell? I’m teaching three sessions at Floating World, which takes place August 24-26 in Edison, New Jersey.

Take a peek at the list of presenters: they include some of my favorites, such as Boymeat, Rita Seagrave, Lee Harrington, Piper Pony, Seraphin and my famed fuck buddy Lolita Wolf. Don’t that sound like a hootenanny?

I’ll be teaching the following sessions:

Odd Man In: Male Bisexuality on the Scene

In many sex communities, it is assumed that women will be bisexual and men will not—no matter the reality. These nettling presumptions (and, in some cases, regulated prohibitions) discount the needs and experiences of men who desire sex with other men, as well as those of women who enjoy male bisexuality. This session centers on a frank and open dialogue designed to address double standards on bisexuality within sex communities—particularly those of BDSM and swingers—that come together at Floating World.

Mind Your G and P: The Alphabet Down There

Some deny their existence. Others swear by them. In recent years, the female g spot and the male p spot have ignited storms of controversy—even as they were stimulated to countless orgasms. This hands-on (or rather, hands-in) session cuts past the verbiage to get down to business. Learn how to locate your own spot and that of your partner, as well as techniques to make the most of these erogenous zones. Please note that this session will include nudity and sexual activity, as well as opportunities for audience participation.

The Whole World is Wanking: Sex Blogging

In a few short years, sex blogging has had a tremendous impact on how people relate to sex and technology, both online and offline. Communities have flourished and enmities have been formed. Writers and readers have become friends and lovers, publishers and consumers, hecklers and stalkers. This session introduces the basics of sex blogging, explaining how to start and maintain a sex blog, and, more importantly, how to be smart and safe in doing so. Sex bloggers write fact, fiction and fantasy; some regard their blogs as polished writing, others as an open private journal. Whatever your genre, whether you value privacy or crave attention, whether you write for pleasure or profit, this session will help you to consider sex blogs in the context of a cultural milieu.

If you plan to attend Floating World, or if you have questions about my sessions, feel free to drop a line. I’m particularly curious to hear from readers on the following subjects, whether or not you plan to attend.

1) Do you blog about sex? Let me know your site, your reasons for blogging, and your experiences as a blogger.

2) What are your experiences with male bisexuality? I'm interested in your personal experiences as well as those involving friends, lovers and/or communities. Anyone is welcome to reply; you needn't be bisexual or identify as male to have an opinion or experience to relate.

3) What are your experiences and interests on g spot and p spot stimulation? Do you enjoy them? Are you frustrated by an inability to locate them, or to stimulate them? Also, if you are interested in volunteering to have your g spot or p spot stimulated during the session, please drop a line—be advised that volunteering would involve public nudity.

I wonder if there will be orgies in Edison . . . ?


MsBehavn said...

Oh thank someone's god ... welcome back , Jefferson!

Bianca said...

You didn't tell me you would be teaching! I'll have to go to at least one of your classes, just to see how you handle a crowd. I can't wait for this event!

Anna said...

Smirk. Jefferson handling a crowd.

Viviane said...

Finally, the class list is shaping up! Everybody except the Girl Scouts will be presenting.

It'll be fun.