Friday, July 20, 2007

Fleshbot and Catching Up

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot looks into the secret thoughts of people in the sex biz, from the whore and the dominatrix to the gal in the peepshow and the guy at the porn shop. Sex pays the bills for these reflective minds, but it also gives them plenty to think about.

It’s been a busy time for those of you who enjoy stalking me. While I was on vacation, I popped up in a number of places. In fact, Madeline found me catching up on sleepy time down South, and finds she misses the old folks back home.

Wendy follows her nose to our first encounter and takes her throat to new depths.

Lily recounts a threesome that became a foursome (and damn near a fivesome), offering her another lesson in sharing. Later, she ponders whether her ass virginity will go to me or to our shared boyfriend Jed who is, to be sure, a true ass aficionado.

Those of you who still read print media—surely a few of you remain?—can find me and some of my friends in this month’s Penthouse Forum, courtesy of columnist and gal pal Selina.

Dear reader, that’s not all. Two more friends have taken to spilling their sex online.

Adam and his fiancé Emma are regulars at my orgy. They are lovely kinksters as well, and now he’s taken to blogging their experiences. It’s nice to welcome another gent to the girl’s club of sex blogging.

Mind you, I’m no less thrilled to welcome another woman. Ruby tagged along with Wendy to her first orgy at my place. While I was out of town on vacation, she tended my plants and in the process, uncovered the secret mojo of my apartment: it brings romance into your life.

Last summer, a girlfriend was watching my place and fell for the man she will marry. Last winter, another girlfriend watered my plants and a serious affair bloomed. Now, Ruby’s stint at my love pad has led her to be taken by a statuesque beauty. Alas, as she recounts, she leaves him and us behind, as she is off to California, where she is sure to break other hearts.

Speaking of catching up and breaking hearts, I’m off to brew more smut. Stay tuned.

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