Saturday, June 02, 2007



Asian Big Girl said...


What happens when you inevitably slide forward into the bookcase and the tv?

...though if you do, I suppose that's a pretty good excuse not to get the Xbox fixed.

(Which, if you keep delaying, we might as well break down and get them the Xbox 360. And no, I don't have a selfish ulterior motive just because Halo 3 is coming out Sept. 25th. It's a pretty open motive, and your sons support it.)

Cdk said...

Nice selection, have fun breaking it in!

(and hopefully this one will last a bit longer)

The Bunny said...

I second the xbox360. It is a nice investment. I bought one for the boy, and I think I play it more than he does :D

10 bucks says even this "heavy duty" frame won't last a year.

Segolene said...

FFs, no wheels!

With all these submissives, you need a headboard to tie ropes to.

Lily said...

I would like to contribute something towards your new bed, seeing as it has served me so well.

And yeah, get a headboard! And possibly a footboard. With posts.

Jefferson said...

Oh, I could never have a footboard. Orgies benefit from multiple acccess points to a bed.

Besides, I've grown too fond of fucking at the corner of the mattress.

As for headboards, who needs 'em? Not me, thanks to the custom-made under-the-bed rope system devised by my friend at

ABG, the Xbox is at the shop. The boys are whimpering 360 in its absence.

Bunny, I'm afraid to take your bet.

Asian Big Girl said...

...doesn't someone need a graduation present of some sort, or two others need birthday presents sometime this summer? ;)

just saying.

btw, you really *have* to get a 360 by Sept. 25. Mainly because you'll need one.

We need Jason to grow up and become a video game programmer and make us all rich. :D

Christina said...

Just don't break it before I get!!

Jo said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm glad to see the rope is getting used, even if I end up doing all the ropework at the orgys.