Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Broke

I looked into her eyes as my fingers traveled up her leg. I caressed slowly; she spread her thighs slightly as my hand vanished under her gingham dress.

I had changed my mind about sex with her that night.

I’m perfectly happy to have sex on a first date. As my finger slipped inside her panties, it was clear she didn’t object either.

Even so, I hoped I wasn’t making a mistake. Leah was smart and beautiful, and I liked her. I was fortunate to have met her. So as much as I might enjoy sex with her that night, I didn’t want to risk leaving her with “slut remorse,” that morning-after realization that maybe you went too fast too soon. If she had regrets, Leah might not want to see me again. I would have much preferred postponing immediate gratification if having sex meant sacrificing the opportunity to get to know her better.

Mind you, gratification was an immediate opportunity.

“Let me see what’s going on under this dress,” I said, raising her hem. “Oh look, you wore very pretty panties.”

“You have good tastes,” she smiled.

“I do, I really like them.” I slipped a second finger into the crotch of her panties and rubbed the fabric against my thumb. “Very sheer, but sturdy. Quality goods.”

“A girl’s got to know how to shop,” she nodded.

“I can imagine,” I agreed, feeling the texture of lace on my fingers, and wet flesh on my knuckles. “Me, I’ve never been much of a shopper, though I do appreciate quality merchandise. Do you mind if I take a closer look at these?”

“Be my guest,” she invited, waving a hand.

“Oh, thanks.” I retrieved my fingers and ran my hand to her hips. She lifted herself, turning slightly as I slid the panties down her legs. “These are very fine, aren’t they?” I asked as the panties cleared her knees. She held her ankles aloft. “Where did you find something so fine?”

“Hmm, I think those came from La Perla,” she mused, watching as her panties made their way down her legs. “La Perla or someplace.”

“Don’t know that establishment,” I said, weaving her panties passed her arched feet. “See what I mean? I’m no kind of shopper.”

“I’d be very surprised if you shopped there.”

“Kinda girly, huh?” I said. My voice trailed as I held the panties in my hand, looking them over. “Such delicate seams . . . ,” I admired.

“You seem to have a thing for ladies undergarments,” she observed.

I lifted the panties to my nose. I inhaled deeply, and exhaled.

“Nah,” I grinned, tossing the panties aside. “They are nothing to me. Merely an obstacle to be overcome.”

She laughed.

My fingers ran up her calves and thighs to her dress. I lifted it again and gazed down at her bare pussy. The edge of a tattoo appeared under her gingham dress.

Without another word, I took her cunt in my mouth.

As my tongue parted her flesh, I realized we had yet to touch lips. This was our first kiss.

I vibrated my tongue on her clit, listening for her sigh. She breathed it out in staccato cries.

I sat back on my heels as her breathing slowed.

“Incredible,” I murmured, fingering her labia. “Even your pussy is composed.”

She opened her eyes and looked down. “Huh?”

“Look.” I tugged two small flaps from her labia. “See? It’s like two petals . . . and they are symmetrical.” I pushed the folds back against her skin. The folds slowly retracted back into her. “No, babies,” I whispered. I licked my fingers and wet her petals. I tugged them back into place, tacking them against skin. They stayed put.


“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” she said, settling back.

“Very much,” I smiled.

“Quality merchandise?”

I nodded. “Quality merchandise.” I stood and held out my hand. “In fact, let’s go back to the dressing room. I want to try you on for size.”

She sat up. She took my hand. She made a joke about an “undressing” room.

I kissed her quiet.

I fucked her so well that night.

I pinned her legs back and pounded her cunt. I bent her over and fucked her ass hard. I grabbed her hair and used her mouth as my fuck hole.

Leah went limp with submission. She moaned and twisted before giving herself over as my rag doll. I threw her all over my bed. I gave no concern to the time; now that she was mine, she was mine to do as I pleased. I wanted to savor her. She could catch up on her sleep at work the next day.

I had to have her, and all of her.

Now that we were fucking, there was no turning back. I may have squandered my chance for a second date by having sex on the first. If she felt slut remorse in the morning, I needed to make the most of this one opportunity with Leah that might never come again.

I went for broke.

The next morning, I woke to find Leah looking at me. I felt her hand on my cock.

“I’m sorry,” she shrugged sheepishly. “You were hard, and I just thought . . .”

I grinned and reached for a condom.

I noticed Leah's gingham dress draped carefully over a chair.


Anna said...

It's true, she does have the cutest little pussy lips. Mmmm...

Anonymous said...

And did she have slut remorse?

Anonymous said...

Dear Perfidious Boyfriend:

Loved the post. Hott.