Saturday, April 14, 2007



I've added this to my wish list at JT's Stockroom.

No, not the model. The flogger.

I've been asked to add more "thuds" to my arsenal of "whacks," and a flogger is just the ticket. When used well (as by the illustrious Boymeat and Lolita of the be-still-my-beating-heart), the results are intense and soothing. As one friend described it, "It's like a deep massage, only, you know, hot."

Use the link above, and you can give it to me. If you do so, I would be glad to give you something in exchange: perhaps photos of it in use, or a story written just for you.

If you are in my area, heck, I might even beat you with it.


Gray Lily said...

Jefferson, we have got to work on this meeting in the middle thing!

I adore floggers like that - thud gets me all hot and bothered faster than anything else (well, ok, except maybe Mr Stern).

I hope you get your flogger... you certainly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I mean, the red's kind of festive, I guess.

Ace said...

Your hand is my style, but then again naive is my middle name.

Calico said...

My first flogger is similar. They're very useful for giving yourself back massages...

In all seriousness, you never realize how small your apartment is until you try to swing a full-length flogger in it. Hide your lamps.

Viviane said...

I bought a beautiful Heartwood Whips flogger in DC. More massage than thud, but you have to start somewhere.

Chris seemed to like it.