Saturday, April 21, 2007


Avah looked up instinctively as she crawled around the corner.

I tugged down on her jaw, gripping it firmly, my thumb on her chin, two fingers under her tongue.

Her eyes dropped. Her nude ass rose. Good.

We had first met just a few minutes earlier, yet already, we each knew how to respond to the other.

We had prepared the way.

Our first correspondence had been friendly and flirtatious. I was glad to see photographs of the pretty young woman who had contacted me. She read my blog, and so she had some insights into my life. I asked about hers.

I asked about her past experiences, and what had drawn her to me. She revealed a rather jagged and fast-paced sexual history.

She was nineteen when she wrote to me, on the cusp of her twentieth birthday. She had lost her virginity at the age of seventeen. In the intervening two-to-three years, she had lost track of the number of men she had fucked.

“How can that be?” I asked. “Did you run out of fingers and toes to count?”

“No,” she replied. “I was an escort for a while when I was eighteen—at least, until my mom found out and made me stop.”

Avah had joined an agency that knew how to make good use of a fresh-faced teenager. She would book a New Jersey motel room and spend a day seeing a succession of clients, primarily men she would never see again. At the end of a working day, she would tuck a few hundreds into her purse. The agency would put much more into their accounts.

It was a sweet deal—for the agency.

Since her forced retirement from whoring, Avah had been involved with a few boyfriends, including one who would occasionally tie her with ropes. Avah writhed under the restraints and came to see herself as submissive, although she wasn’t sure how to pursue this with her boyfriend.

She considered herself bisexual, although she had little experience with women.

She had never had an orgasm with a partner.

I released her jaw from my fist. “Get on the bed,” I directed.

Avah nodded and lifted her arms to the bed. Slowly, with the deference of a chastened dog, she crawled onto it.

“On your back.”

She rolled off her knees, settling back into the duvet.

I kept her eyes in mine as I removed my shirt. I watched her eyes lower as I removed my jeans. For the first time, she saw the cock she had already had in her mouth and throat.

I lay next to her. I took her face in hand and lowered my lips to hers.

Her mouth opened. A sigh was trapped in her chest.

My fingers moved lightly across her flesh as I kissed her firmly. My mind was searching for her responses, adding tactile sensations to the information it had gathered on Avah.

I took my time. We made out like the kid she still was.

“Are you ready for rope?” I asked.

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Good.” I reached over a corner of the bed to retrieve a line. I wrapped it around her wrist, knotting it loosely.

“Slip knots on a first date,” I whispered, reaching for the opposite corner of the bed.

“I know,” she nodded. She had read that somewhere in my blog. I tied another knot.

I sat back on my knees, looking over her pale skin. I settled on the girlish pink of her nipples. I pinched one, watching it turn white when I released my hold.

“May we try clothespins?” I asked. She nodded, watching my hand reach for a drawer.

I gathered a fold of nipple and flesh from a breast much smaller than my palm.

She sucked in her breath as I attached the first clothespin. “Shhhh,” my voice soothed as the second snapped into place.

Avah drew deep breaths as the sensations rushed to her head. Her hands balled into fists. I watched as her toes curled, waiting for them to relax.

I leaned forward to kiss her neck. I traced a tongue to her clavicle, kissing again as I made my way to her breast. I kissed and licked as the clothespin bobbed, providing the axis around which I traveled.

I took the underside of her breast lightly in my teeth and held it. Her breathing accelerated as my incisors gradually dug deeper. I increased the pressure until she writhed. I held it longer and then suddenly released her.

Ahhh-unhh!” she moaned, twisting. The sharp pain of the bite competed with the sustained pinch of the clothespins.

I watched her face, my hands rubbing her belly. Her brow furrowed and then relaxed as she calmed her contortions, willing herself into composure.

She knew what to do. She knew what to anticipate.

My teeth sank into the soft underside of another breast.

My mouth’s tour of her body left the oval of my teeth’s imprint repeated across her torso. In some places, small bites nestled inside larger ones, creating pink flowers that would blossom into purple bouquets in the following hours. My garden was somewhat formal in its symmetry.

In time, my mouth arrived at the conclusion of it meandering, unhurried path. My destination was damp in expectation.

I leisurely lapped at Avah’s clit. She breathed out in relief that I had finally arrived.

I suckled and tongued, giving her head in different modes, trying on rhythms and patterns for this pussy new to my mouth, and so misused by other men.

I found sensations that resonated with Avah’s body, filing them away and moving to others. I wasn’t pursuing her elusive orgasm—not yet, anyway. This was more of a fact-finding mission to collect data preliminary to later use.

Two fingers curved into her.

Avah’s legs spread as I filled her cunt for the first time. Her back arched as now, for the first time, she felt a pressure her own fingers had been unable to produce—and no other lover had bothered to try.

My fingers pushed gently. Firmly. Pressing. Rhythmically. Screwing. Pulsing. I watched her face, rubbing her thighs and torso, learning.

I pulled out. She collapsed slightly, sighing.

I opened a nightstand drawer. “I’m going to fuck you now,” I informed her.

She opened her eyes. “Okay.” I smiled, kissing her cheek. We both knew, in that moment, that she would have refused me nothing, just as I was prepared to give her something she needed.

We both knew that we wanted that trust.

I watched as, for the first time, my cock vanished into her shaved folds. I thought of the uncounted men who had used Avah’s body, trading small folds of cash for this moment of feeling her tight teenage cunt close in on them.

All that effort, I thought, lowering my body to hers, and no one had bothered to take care of her. Stupid, really, that men pay for so little, when there is so much more to be had—if one learns to appreciate what is given.

I fucked her slowly, kissing her cheeks and mouth, nestling my face in her hair. I bit into her arm as she flinched, unable to move away from my mouth.

I sat back, pushing her thighs forward. I fucked harder. She squirmed and moaned.

“Is this hitting that same place as my fingers?” I asked.

She opened her eyes and nodded.

“Good,” I smiled. I pounded hard, fucking her with a measured ferocity.

She zoned out. I caressed her hair.

My phone rang. Avah opened her eyes.

“This is very rude of me,” I shrugged. “But I do need to take that.”

Avah nodded, panting.

I reached for the nightstand. “Hello? Yeah, how’s it going?” I pushed deep into Avah, then back lightly. “Good. Yeah, it’s going very well. I like her.” I smiled at Avah. She smiled back. I fucked her a little faster. “Yeah, I think she likes me too. So where are you? . . . Uh huh . . . No, no it’s cool. Come on over. The door is open.” I fucked slower. “Her? No, no worries. This one does what I tell her. See you soon.”

I returned the phone to its receiver.

“Friend of mine,” I said, pinning Avah’s legs back. I reached for the rope, lashing her calves to her wrists as we fucked.

I offered no further explanation of the phone call. She knew better than to ask.

I fucked her through different rhythms, finding the ones that worked. A few times, she seemed close to orgasm, but never made the leap.

I lowered myself to her.

“Okay, now, I want to try something,” I said, looking into her eyes. “Are you with me?”

She nodded.

“All right. Now, I’m going to fuck up into you, just like this.” I pushed in and up, back and forth, in a regular pattern. “Now, you push down onto me.” Her pussy clenched on my cock. “Good! You are so swollen and tight now. And that sense, that ‘pushing down’ is what your body has been doing when you are about to cum. I’m going to keep fucking you, just like this.” I pushed in and out, repeating an unwavering beat. “You push down and focus.” I kissed her. “I’m not stopping. I’m not cumming. We’ll take all the time we need.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling a little nervously.

“No pressure,” I said, kissing her lips. “Just try this.”


I took her shoulders in my arms. Together, we chased her orgasm.

Soon, she panted and pushed and moaned. She fell limp.

“Ugh,” she complained. “No good.”

“You were close?” I said, slowing.

“So close,” she said. “What’s wrong with me?”

I slapped her. “Nothing is wrong with you.” I resumed our rhythm. “Again.”

Her eyes flashed as her cheek grew red. I felt her pussy clench on me.

“Good girl.” I smiled. “Let’s try again.”

We were pulsing in our motion. I loomed over her, dripping sweat from my brow. I held her throat in my hand as she gasped, flush and intent.

My front door opened.

Avah’s eyes widened.

“Ignore it,” I commanded. “Keep fucking.”

Avah nodded and closed her eyes.

My front door closed.

I spit on two fingers and circled Avah’s clit. She gasped. We were getting close to the combination. I could feel the tumblers falling into place.

Focus, girl, I thought.

“Harder . . .” she whispered.

“The fucking or the fingers?” I said forcibly.

“The fingers . . .”

I quickly untied a leg and arm. I brought her hand to her pussy.

“Rub your own God damned clit.” I barked. “I’m fucking.”

Avah’s back grew rigid. Her pussy was swollen and full after so much fucking. Her clit was twitching. In the next room sat someone she didn’t know, someone who heard every sound we made.

She gasped.

“Give it.” I ordered. “Give me what I want and I swear to God, I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

She sucked a breath. “Oh my God, oh my God . . .”

“That’s it,” I urged, pressing in, refusing to be expelled by the coming earthquake.

Avah convulsed. Her cunt pushed and pulled. Soon enough, she shuddered and cried out.

“Mother fuck, my God, oh my God!”

“Yeah, yeah!” I laughed. I fucked her even harder now.

Three years of sex with countless men, and finally, Avah got her orgasm.

We kissed.

I untied her and we relaxed in one another’s arms.

“Honey,” I panted. “You done good.”

Avah looked at me. “You’re not so bad yourself,” she laughed.

“You’re sweet,” I smiled. I kissed her forehead then turned to face the door. “Hey, Meg!

“Yeah?” a voice called back.

“Come here. I’m going to beat up this girl. You want to watch?”

“Yeah!” she called back. “Just a sec.”

I turned to Avah. “You don’t mind if I cane you in front of my friend, do you?”

Avah laughed nervously. “I guess not . . . ”

“Good girl.” I squeezed her hand. “Just keeping doing what I say, and you’ll be fine.”

Meg joined us. I introduced Avah, and suggested Meg settle into a comfortable chair at the side of the bed.

I retrieved my cane.

“On your knees, all fours,” I commanded. Avah did as instructed, her face in the pillows.

“No, no,” I reprimanded. “Stupid girl.” I tapped the bed with my cane. “Look at Meg. See where she is sitting? Meg wants a good show. Face your ass to Meg.”

Avah looked up. She crabwalked into a more suitable position.

“Good.” I leaned next to Meg, sizing up her view. “Now, spread your knees, Avah. Meg wants to see more pussy.”

Avah complied.

“All set, Meg?” I asked.

“Oh yes, this is a great view,” she nodded.

“Any requests?”

Shouldn’t she get a birthday spanking?” Meg suggested. “And count off each one?”

“Splendid idea,” I smiled. I kissed Meg. “And one to grow on.”

“Of course,” Meg nodded.

“Oh, God,” Avah whimpered.

“Now, now, none of that. Ready?”

Avah wriggled her hips. She drew a deep breath. “Ready.”

Avah cursed as she counted the stripes that would keep her standing for the next two weeks. She called me a monster when I delivered two blows for her seventeenth year, marking her deeply for the loss of her virginity.

She hated me as she waited anxiously for the twenty-first blow.

It came down hard and diagonal, bringing all the other blows to vivid, exquisite agony.

I put down the cane and took Avah in my arms.

We talked in low voices, kissing as she came around. In time she was laughing and trading jokes with Meg.

“I’m glad we met,” I said, petting her hair. “I hope you enjoyed your birthday?”

“Oh yeah, this was the best birthday ever!” she laughed.

“Good.” I kissed her lightly. “Now, get dressed and get the hell out of my apartment. I have company.”

“Oh!” Avah sat up. “Sure, of course . . .”

Meg and I chatted as Avah retrieved her clothes and returned to the bedroom. She began to put on her panties.

Unh unh,” I said, holding out a hand. “Those are mine.”

“You’re taking my panties?” she asked.

“First date.” I said, nodding.

“He’s got quite a collection,” Meg agreed.

Avah handed over the panties. “That’s my nicest pair, too,” she winced. “Black lace and everything.”

“Of course they are your nicest,” I said, taking them to my nose. “It was a first date, after all.”

Avah shouted as the denim of her tight jeans touched the fresh welts on her ass. Meg cooed in sympathy.

I showed Avah to the door, kissing her goodbye.

“Did you have a good time?” she asked.

“Honey, we’re just getting started.” I smiled.

I locked the door behind her. I returned to the bedroom and flopped over my bed.

“She’s cute,” Meg observed.

“Oh, she’s a keeper all right,” I nodded. I reached over to touch Meg’s calf. “So, you want to fuck?”


Anonymous said...

I fucking hate you.

Cdk said...

Dammmm that was hot! I also liked the calling to someone by saying "I’m going to beat up this girl. You want to watch?". Hah!

Viviane said...

Ah, yes, I remember that weekend.

Suzanne Portnoy said...

You really got me with this one. Delicious....

Anonymous said...

I walk my dog kind of the same way you walk Avah.

Anonymous said...

I'm kidding, Avah. Believe it or not, I wouldn't enjoy randomly posting incisive comments over the internet.