Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sun Bath

This story is also told by Selina.

“I can’t believe how well this bi male wrestling match thing is going over,” Marcus said, folding papers into his pocket. “Barry and I just signed up a bunch of guys—well, one or two are on the fence.”

“You know those bisexuals,” I said. “They love to sit on fences.”

“Yeah, right,” he grinned. “So what were you and Lolita talking about? She’s so into you, Jefferson.”

“I’m so into her, Marcus,” I said, stirring sugar into yet another cup of coffee. We were halfway into our first full day of sex camp, and, like many campers, I was operating on only a few hours sleep.

“So, what’s the deal?” Marcus persisted.

“Lolita’s going to tie me up. She’s going to suspend me in the air. We shook on it.” I sipped my coffee and lowered my voice. “Lolita says she’s going to make things happen.”

“Wow, I don’t even know what that means.”

“Me neither. It makes my nipples ache to contemplate,” I said. “Come on, the girls are waiting. We need to go outside and get naked.”

As lunch ended, Lolita returned to her overscheduled weekend as she plotted a way to make time to bind me. The four of us, mere tourists at sex camp, were off to the next session: ritual bathing.

Viviane and I walked ahead as Marcus and Selina talked behind us. The sky was overcast, as it had been since our arrival.

“Do you know where we can find the amphitheatre?” Viviane asked a passing Cupid.

“Sure!” Cupid replied. She pointed her wand down a path. “Pass the leather store, around the pool to the left, and there it is!”

“Thanks,” I said. “Any messages for Jefferson?”

“Nope!” she said brightly.

“Are you expecting something?” Viviane asked as we walked away.

“Not really,” I said, thinking of the artist with whom I had traded emails in the week before camp.

The pool was open but unused on such a cloudy afternoon. Viviane pointed to benches in a clearing.

“Tristan told me this camp was built as a retreat for Jewish girls,” she said. “The amphitheater was used for outdoor services.”

“Ha, I like that,” I said. “Do you think religious camps need to be decommissioned, like military bases? I don’t want our faces to melt if we trip over a Raiders of the Lost Ark sacrilege.”

“Oy gevalt,” Viviane laughed.

Up ahead, I saw a wooden stage at the base of a slopping hill. The lawn facing the stage was arrayed with even rows of rough-hewn benches.

On stage, a nude man tended to white plastic tubs of water. I recognized him as Switchme, the volunteer at that morning’s class on strap-ons. Three men sat in the first row, each alone on separate benches. There was no one else in sight.

Apparently, “ritual bathing” was going to involve us getting naked with these shlumps. The three men so lacked in the social graces that they weren’t even making conversation with one another.

As we approached, Marcus continued to fill in Selina on his plans for the evening’s wrestling match.

One of the shlumps looked up to shush us.

“Oh, we should be quiet,” Selina whispered. “It’s a sacred space.”

I bit my tongue. I had hoped that my concession to New Age hokum would at least involve some navels worth the gazing.

“Welcome,” Switchme smiled from the platform stage as he put a CD into a player. “Please, make yourselves comfortable. We’ll begin shortly.”

Marcus looked around as he began to undress. He understands the phrase “get comfortable” to mean “get naked.”

The rest of us followed suit. The shlumps stood and began to do likewise.

I took off my shirt, looking back toward the path we had followed. No sign of anyone joining us.

Viviane caught my eye as she unfastened her bra. I leaned forward to kiss her shoulder.

“Wonderful,” Switchme said as we stood naked in the grass. “Please, join me on the deck.”

We climbed a few stairs to the platform. Marcus nudged me to look to my right. One of the men had peeled off to piss. He faced away from us as he took a leak into a line of trees.

I smiled, unsure if Marcus had wanted me to notice that the man had a nice ass, or to share his amusement that someone would turn away to pee so modestly, given our mutual nudity.

“Welcome,” Switchme smiled, his voice serene and calm. “We might have hoped for a more beautiful day for this ritual, but we are here, and comfortable, and together in a unified group. They say the weather will improve this weekend. Perhaps we can inspire warmth in the environment around us.”

The dawdling pisser climbed the stairs to join us. Switchme looked over to smile at him in greeting.

“Now that we are all here, and together, let us join hands with the person to our left, and to our right. As you do so, step back to form a circle centered around the tubs you see on the deck. Be silent and focus on the air entering and exiting your lungs.”

I looked to my right and took Marcus’s hand in mine. I looked passed him to trade smiles with Selina. She was already breathing deeply, giving herself over to the moment. Nude among trees, grass and other nude people. Selina was in her element.

I caressed Viviane’s thick hair before taking her hand in mine. She kept her eyes on mine as her lips formed a tight grin. I smiled in assurance, knowing that public nudity is less to her taste. She closed her eyes as she took the hand to her left.

Switchme looked up from his CD player. I didn’t know the music, but I guessed its origins lay in the "India" section of the World Music bins.

“Now that we are in a circle, close your eyes and feel the energy move between us.” I let my eyes rest on the man opposite me, the one who had pissed in the woods. I closed my lids to lock the image in place. He was lean, blonde, and Aryan.

A low hum filled the air, moving behind my ears.

“Let us tune our minds to this prayer bowl. Breath in and out as the prayer bowl takes our thoughts deep inside, to a place of peace, of ease, of comfort.

I meditated on the Aryan’s bone structure. I asked my memory to lock on that final glance, so I could gaze at him behind closed lids.

I willed my cock to remain at peace, at ease, at comfort.

The hum circled us once, twice, three times, before echoing into silence. I heard a gentle thud of brass against wood. The deck vibrated dully beneath my feet from Switchme’s gentle footfall.

I heard water splash to wood and cascade to the earth beneath.

The layers of sound faded, only to repeat. I heard Selina gasp.

“As this bath moves across your skin, let it wash away the discomforts and tensions of daily life. Feel your spirit elevate to a place of purity and inner strength.”

I didn’t recall having seen the Aryan before.

I squeezed Marcus’s hand. He squeezed mine in response. I imagined his mind was pretty much in the same place of repose as my own.

We had targeted the Aryan.

Water splashed from Marcus’s body onto mine. His hand tensed, then relaxed. I knew I was next. I braced for cold.

Instead, warm water displaced the cool breeze on my bare flesh. It was a taste of a shower, perfectly tuned, as the humid air turned liquid on my body.

I wanted more. I felt it in splashes as Viviane gasped.

My mind went blank, following the sounds of water around our circle.

I squeezed Viviane’s hand. She held mine tight.

The last of the water dripped to the earth below. A sitar floated above a pulsing rhythm.

“You may open your eyes and lower your arms. Let the feeling of warmth envelope you.”

I opened my eyes, letting them blink open on the man opposite me. My memory had effective kept him in my sight.

I turned to Marcus and Selina, then to Viviane. I put a hand on Viviane’s back and kissed her shoulder.

Switchme indicated a collection of bottles near the tubs. “These oils are soothing to the touch and will open your breathing. Please take some and warm it in your palms. We will each turn to massage the person at our left.”

I took a handful of oil and smelled eucalyptus. I passed the bottle to Viviane. She took it, turning her back to me.

I began to massage her shoulders and back. Viviane’s skin is soft and familiar to my touch. I traced my fingers down her spine to its base and began to rotate my thumb back to her skull.

Marcus’s hands enveloped my back, pulling me to erect posture as he pressed into my muscles.

I slowly rotated my head on its axis.

Viviane turned. I massaged her shoulders, her arms and her breasts. I kissed her. Marcus’s hands massaged my buttocks.

Viviane turned me around. I pressed my body against Marcus and wrapped my hands around him to massage his torso. He moved Selina’s long hair to expose her back to his hands.

Viviane’s palms were gentle after Marcus’s vigorous massage.

“Good, good,” Swtichme said in a low voice. “Feel the bubble of energy from our bodies.”

I was starting to feel energy, all right.

We were encouraged to move around the circle. I massaged the ample belly of one man before stroking his thick cock to hardness.

I wasn’t sure of the protocol of ritual bathing, but I did know how to oil a man. Maybe it was uncouth of me to be giving a handjob to this stranger, but I liked the feel of his cock in my hand and the response of his breathing as I twisted my palm back and forth.

We moved to another partner, as instructed, and I found myself with Marcus. He smiled at me.

I kissed him, pressing my body against his.

For all I knew, kissing might have been entirely the wrong thing to do, but fuck any ritual that keeps me from kissing my man.

I felt us growing hard against one another. I put my hands to his face, pulling myself deeper into his kiss. I felt light as he panted and his body responded to mine.

I felt Viviane’s hands on my back.

At that moment, as Viviane caressed me, as I kissed the man I love, for the first time in days, the sun shone through the clouds.

Selina was the first to notice.

“The sun!” she exclaimed. “We made the sun shine!”

“We have created a bubble of tremendous energy,” Switchme smiled. “And the erotic energy adds to that.”

Good, I thought, as we kissed. Because I’m not stopping now.

Viviane became distracted as Switchme massaged her.

Selina pressed close to Marcus and me. Marcus signaled for the Aryan to join us. We stood facing one another in a close square, our arms around one another. I had Marcus to one side, the Aryan to another.

“It was so beautiful watching you two kiss,” Selina smiled.

“Like this?” I said, giving my mouth to Marcus.

“Yeah, that’s very hot,” she nodded, She traced her hand down the Aryan’s back.

I looked over my shoulder. Switchme was faced the other way, intent on Viviane’s soft skin.

“I don’t want to get busted with the teach,” I whispered. “So cover me—I’m going down.”

I lowered myself to my knees slowly, allowing my hands to drop down the bodies of the two men at my side.

I looked up at Marcus as I took his cock in my mouth.

He gave a deep sigh. His mouth hung open as he watched me swallow him. Almost instinctively, he touched he Aryan’s face and leaned his head on Selina’s shoulder.

I moved my mouth slowly up and back, taking him to the back of my throat, flicking my tongue along his shaft. It was a teasing blowjob, one meant to get him hungry for more.

My hands caressed the two men’s asses.

I took his cock from my mouth and held it in my hand. I turned and looked up at the Aryan.

I took him in my mouth.

He was partially erect, and quickly grew hard in me. I stroked Marcus as my mouth became acquainted with this new cock.

“Take care,” Switchme said, putting a hand on Marcus’s shoulder as he passed. “Don’t burst the bubble.”

I was on my knees outdoors, blowing two hot men. Any bubble that can’t handle that can just go right ahead and pop.

I moved back and forth between the cocks, watching Selina’s nude hips sway. Marcus’s fingers found her clit. I looked up to see that they were kissing.

I surrendered his cock to her hand.

I turned to focus on the Aryan.

I placed my fingers gently on his still hips, pulsing him as I took his dick deep. My own cock was curled hard between my thighs.

Selina and Marcus left our sides.

I was content to suck this boy’s cock for as long as he could take it. I held back on moves I knew would make him cum, anticipating the moment. We had never exchanged words, and I didn’t know his name. But I was prepared to take his orgasm if only to satisfy my own selfish desire to have it.

I felt him growing close. He pulled back to stop me. I pulled him back and sucked him more, greedily daring him to leave my mouth.

He began to thrust, finally, and to fill my face as I wanted. He was getting close.

I stopped.

I raised myself slowly on my legs, licking and nibbing his body as I rose.

When I reached his neck, I wrapped myself close to him. My touch was as intimate as it had been with Marcus, the man I have loved longer than any other.

The Aryan stood still. He avoided my eyes, looking ahead as our hands touched one another’s bodies. Freed from his gaze, I let myself take in his body as I wanted.

I wondered if he was straight. I wondered if he had ever felt a man’s touch before today.

I wondered if he was gay. Maybe one of these other men was his lover.

I kept my body close as I moved behind him. I placed my cock between his legs so that it jutted under his own. I pressed close to him, pushing into his ass. I stroked our cocks together with one hand, tracing his ribcage with the other.

Looking over his shoulder, I could see what he saw.

Marcus was reclining on a blanket as Selina crouched to suck his cock. Switchme was poised over Marcus, lowering his cock into my boyfriend’s throat.

I also saw that we were not alone.

The sun had brought out three groundskeepers. They sat fully clothed and smoking on a bench, their backs to us. Weedwhackers rested nearby as they waited for us to wrap up and leave them to their lawn care.

I nibbled the Aryan’s back.

Viviane approached me and rested a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to kiss her. My mouth was hot and wet. I was incredibly aroused.

I squeezed the Aryan’s shoulders as I turned my attention to Viviane. He moved forward, dreamily, to crouch behind Selina. He began to touch her ass.

Viviane and I found another towel and spread it next to Marcus’s.

I saw that one of the other men was dressing to leave, only to replaced by a new arrival. The two men were touching one another.

A groundskeeper turned to check on us, then looked away.

Viviane lay back on the towel. I hovered over her, kissing her as my hand took a breast. I pinched a nipple and listened for her breath to grow rapid.

My mouth moved down her body, determined to taste cum. Viviane was already liquid when my tongue found her.

“You have the wettest pussy, ever,” I said, taking her clit. She yelped, aroused by my excitement at her arousal. I savored her taste by spoonfuls.

I sat back on my haunches, slipping two fingers into her. Viviane looked up at me, her eyes glazing. She was outdoors, her legs spread in the sun, feeling my touch as people made love around her.

Viviane has always been a good girl. When she finds herself letting go of that, she is only more intently sexual.

She was poised to orgasm.

I heard Marcus ask Selina to torture his balls. That’s right, I thought: she’s never been with him. She’s going to enjoy this.

Selina twisted Marcus’s balls as he furiously pulled his cock, groaning.

The Aryan fingered Selina, stroking himself.

I pulsed on Viviane’s g-spot, waiting for the moment.

It wasn’t long coming.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Marcus said.

I pressed into Viviane. She panted and moaned.

“Fuck!” Marcus shot cream across Selina’s tits and the wooden deck.

“Unh, unh, unh!” Viviane melted into my palm.

We had one hell of a resilient bubble.

We were in high spirits as we gathered around the wash tubs. I washed my hands, then rinsed Marcus from Selina’s body.

I shook hands with the Aryan. “I’m Jefferson,” I said.

“Anton,” he said. “Thanks, that was really nice. I liked the way you pressed against me. That was really hot.”

I wrapped him in my arms. “You know where to find it when you want more,” I said, kissing his neck.

We were winding down, but the two men were just getting into it. One of them had put a condom on the other to blow him.

Marcus was soaping his groin and torso when he noticed the blowjob underway. He crouched next to the men as he washed.

“Say, that looks pretty hot,” he said. “So who’s idea was the condom?”

The man being blown pointed to the man blowing him.

“Do you like condoms, especially? Or are you concerned about disease?” Marcus asked the cocksucker. He shrugged in response, never taking the dick from his mouth.

“Well, unless you happen to like the taste of condoms, it really isn’t necessary for oral sex,” Marcus said, washing his thighs. “The risk of HIV transmission is negligible, and as for other STIs . . .”

“Come on,” I whispered to Viviane. “I’ve heard that lecture.”

“He’s a born sex educator,” she said.

“Boy knows his shit.” I picked up my clothes as we walked away, nude.

The arrival of the sun had transformed sex camp. The pool and decks were now filled with nude people. A couple fucked openly on a reclining lounge chair.

I was suddenly aware of how many young women were at camp, many likely drawn by Tristan’s reputation.

I saw the artist stretched out on her back. Her eyes were closed. She was even lovelier nude. I wondered if I would muster the courage to say hello.

“Come on, let’s swim,” I said.

Selina was first in. I waved for Marcus to join us, and then jumped into the pool. Viviane waded to me.

Marcus arrived and surveyed the bodies laying in the sun. He took a chair next to the artist and immediately engaged her in conversation. She sat up to talk with him.

I hadn’t mentioned my interest in her. Somehow, surrounded by dozens of attractive nude women, he had singled her out.

I turned back to Viviane. She smiled at me.

I held an imaginary bowl in my hand and circled it with my finger. “This is my prayer bowl,” I intoned. “I use it to make people get naked and have sex with me . . .”

She laughed. I held her close and we kissed, standing in waist-high water, our bodies gleaming in the sun.

Weedwhackers whirred nearby.


Anonymous said...

Oh holiest of holies, the sacred sex sun ritual.
Good job bringing the sun up.

selina fire said...

How delightful to read your account. Gorgeous Anton, amazing Marcus, and you, sucking their dicks. We did have such fun, didn't we?

badinfluencegirl said...

it's funny because at the beginning of the tale you think y'all are going to end up disappointed and clearly, that doesn't happen.

what a lovely way to wake up a day...

Lil_Bit said...

"Marcus looked around as he began to undress. He understands the phrase “get comfortable” to mean “get naked.” "

One needs to be careful of what one says around Marcus!

"Weedwhackers whirred nearyby" I am strangely turned on by that phrase.

Bad Kitty said...

MMmmm, yum. I think this is my favorite sex camp story so far.

Ninny said...

sun's nice and you're funny.

greenlacewing said...

Beautiful and made me laugh too. What a rich world you create.

Anton said...

"The three men so lacked in the social graces that they weren’t even making conversation with one another."

Actually we weren't lacking in social graces; we were turning our attention inwards and clearing our minds in preparation for the forthcoming sacred ritual.

Yeah, right!

Actually, I think, having met the man and read a little of Jefferson's blog, that the above phrase properly translates as "Why were those three guys just sitting there and not trying to get it on with each other?"!