Thursday, June 29, 2006

Secret Project

Mitzi pulled on her dress to step outside for a smoke.

Emma was nude on the terrace, looking down on the traffic below. Her eyes drifted to watch, for about a mile to the north, as the lights went from red to green.

I turned to follow her eyes. Red to green. Below us, traffic started to move.

I leaned nude against cold plate glass as Emma and Mitzi talked. I was listening, but my mind was on my secret project.

“Do you need anything?” I interrupted, holding up my empty bourbon glass. “I’m going inside.”

“No, we’re fine, Jefferson,” Mitzi smiled, exhaling a plume. The smoke was swallowed by the cool air over my shoulder.

Mitzi’s brown eyes looked me over. I could feel her calculations. What was on my mind? I wasn’t off to fuck Emma—she was here with her. Shelby, maybe? And how many drinks had I had?

“Bring me a water later, okay?” she added.

“Sure,” I said. “See you inside.”

I found Mark in the kitchen, freshening his bourbon. We chatted as I took two cubes and three fingers to my own.

We conversed about this and that as we sipped our drinks, two naked men at an orgy. Mark and I are always ready for sex with one another, which creates a kind of comfort: we always know that we can fuck, or just hang out and maybe fuck later.

I suggested we investigate the goings on. After you, he insisted.

In the back room, Eric and his friends were crowded onto a twin bed.

The foursome had remained a tight clique all evening. This was their first party with us, and their first double date at a sex party.

If I had the back story correct, Charlie was Eric’s ex girlfriend, though they remained fuck buddies. Eric’s best friend Erik had picked up Deidre on Craig’s List. Deidre had never met any of us before, but she was no stranger to orgies. This was a first time experience for Erik and Charlie.

Eric’s prior orgy experience was limited to one other party with us.

Viviane usually plays her cards pretty close to her chest. So I was surprised when she asked if she could bring a colleague to a party. “You’re bringing someone from work?” I asked. “He knows your secret identity? He knows you go to orgies?”

“Well, Eric is pretty special,” she said. “He’s a straight boy, but I can tell him things.”

This was my introduction to one of the best-looking men I have ever seen.

Eric was tall, with a naturally muscled lean body, longish black hair, and an easy smile. He was pleasant and relaxed, though a little nervous about being at a sex party.

“You’ll do fine,” I said on the night we met, patting his shoulder. “Just watch or participate as you see fit. If you have questions, you can talk to me or Viviane. Just enjoy the experience.”

That night, Elena had taken Eric under wing. A mother hen by nature, Elena was drawn to Eric’s openness and innocence.

She ushered him into a bedroom as a few of us were fucking.

She encouraged him to undress.

I looked over my shoulder and saw him leaning against a corner, quietly nursing his erection.

At the time, I was fucking Consuela’s face.

At the time, Nate was plowing her ass.

“Come here,” I beckoned to Eric. “Get a closer look.”

Eric ambled over and stood an arm’s length from the bed. He watched as Consuela took my cock into her throat. I would pull out to give her air, then force it back deep. I knew that Consuela liked her cock rough.

“Come here,” I said, slapping my hip. “Let her see you.”

Eric moved closer. I put my arm around his waist, pulling him into our cluster.

He tugged his cock, jerking near her face as she sucked me. I could see that his cock was long and leaned to the left. I pondered God’s generosity to some people, that Eric should be not only handsome and good-natured, but also well endowed.

And smart, Viviane had told me.

“Here, let me handle that,” I said, reaching for Eric’s cock. I took it from his hand and stroked in rhythm to Consuela’s cock sucking.

She looked up to us.

Eric’s body flinched as I touched him. I later realized this was the first time another man had touched him.

At the moment, we were moving too fast to flag such landmarks.

“How about you feed her your cock?” I asked as I massaged Eric’s pole. “You up for that?”

“Uh, sure,” he said, flipping the hair from his eyes.

“Cool.” I took Consuela’s chin in hand, drawing her eyes to mine. “Change of talent, okay?”

“Mmmph,” she replied.

Nate turned up his fucking.

“Okay, people, here we go.” I pulled Eric’s cock close to her face, jerking it near her cheek. I pulled out, turning her chin in the same moment.

She swallowed Eric without missing a beat.

Eric gasped.

“Nice work,” I said, my arm still on Eric’s waist. He latched into Consuela’s rhythm, bouncing his hips back and forth.

Just like that, Eric became one of our gang.

Now, he was back with a group of new friends.

His friend Erik was stretched back as Deidre blew him.

Charlie rode Eric’s cock, facing the room in reverse cowgirl position. Eric’s hand loosely fondled her breasts as she bounced on his lap.

“Those girls are just damn hot,” I whispered to Mark.

“Do you think they are models, really?” he asked.

“Nah, too pretty,” I smiled.

Across the room, John and Verdad watched the foursome. They were each stripped to boxers.

I was reminded of my secret project for the evening.

I crossed to join them. I leaned to Verdad’s ear.

“You having fun, baby?” I whispered.

“This is fucking awesome,” he said, his eyes on the show.

“Yes, it is.” I scruffed his hair.

With no further warning, I leaned forward to kiss his lips.

Verdad’s mouth jumped at contact. He wasn’t expecting this kiss.

I rested my hand on the back of his neck. Give it, my hand told him.

His mouth relaxed into mine.

John turned his eyes to us.

My free hand grazed Verdad’s chest. He jumped slightly.

Give it, I thought to him.

As my hand lightly caressed his belly, Verdad’s body went limp.

I had remembered correctly. The boy surrendered easily.

Verdad had very little sexual experience. When we met at a sex party, I had become the second person to kiss him, to touch him, to fuck him.

Despite this lack of experience—or perhaps enhanced by it—his body was sensual and responsive.

I pushed him back.

Verdad reclined clumsily, resting his head on the futon’s arm.

I pulled back.

“Can you hand me a pillow?” I asked John, never taking my eyes from Verdad.

John passed a pillow to me. I lifted Verdad’s neck and put the pillow behind him.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“Sure,” I said.

I dropped my fingers to his body. His skin tingled at my touch. He sighed.

I could play this boy all night, I thought.

My fingers drifted over his boxers, touching his hard cock through the fabric.

I toyed with the waistband as I kissed him.

I went into his boxers to stroke him.

I pulled back to remove his underwear. He lifted his ass to accommodate me.

Such a sweet, natural submissive, I thought, caressing him.

I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth.

A wave of pleasure jolted his body. I rested a hand on his chest. Relax, I thought. I’ll take care of this.

“Here’s a sight,” a voice said behind me. “Jefferson sucking cock. I didn’t know he knew how.”

I looked up to see Emma watching us.

“I’ll never be as good as I would like,” I said, holding the head of Verdad’s cock to my lips. “But I like to stay in the game.”

I stroked Verdad, looking up to his face. His eyes were squeezed tight.

I had everything in place for my secret project.


“Yes?” he opened his eyes suddenly, as if shaken from a nap.

“Verdad, do you see Emma watching us?”

He looked up.

“Yes.” His voice cracked.

I continued to stroke his cock as he looked at her.

“I think Emma is extraordinarily beautiful. Don’t you think Emma is a pretty girl?”

“Yes . . .”

I rested my free hand on her hip, drawing her a step closer. I kept my pulsing tugs on his cock.

“I really like to taste her pussy too,” I said. I looked up at Emma as I took my tongue to her slit.

She spread her thighs slightly.

Emma was wet as I buried my nose in her pubic hair.

Verdad’s cock throbbed in my hand.

I pulled back, leaving my finger in Emma. “You should taste her,” I said. I leaned forward and kissed Verdad, giving my tongue to his.

He moaned.

I pulled back to lick his cock, never removing my hand from him.

Verdad twitched in ecstasy.

“Now your mouth and cock know Emma, as they know my mouth,” I smiled. “But really, I’d like to try something. I want to lick Emma while I suck you.”

“Okay . . . “ Verdad whispered.

As if he had a choice in the matter.

I looked up to Emma. Her face beamed. She enjoyed teasing games. She liked that I had Verdad pinned like a butterfly to velvet.

“Emma, would you please sit over Verdad’s legs?” I asked.

“If you wouldn’t mind taking your finger from my pussy,” she said.

I complied with her request and she complied with mine, lowering herself over his thighs.

“A little higher on his body, please.”

Emma scooted forward on her knees. “Like this?”

“A little more.”

She pushed forward. Her pussy was just above the base of Verdad’s cock. His eyes were on her as I stroked him.

“Perfect, thanks,” I said. I turned to Verdad. “Such a beautiful girl.” My hand caressed her breasts. Verdad’s hands were limp by his side.

He was apparently unable to move.

A crowd was forming around us. John watched us, glancing back to see the foursome across the room. Mark and Mitzi stood nude behind Emma. Shelby was fully clothed, sitting behind John.

I glanced at Shelby and smiled.

“The beauty of this position,” I mused aloud. “Is that I can suck cock . . . “ I took Verdad into my mouth, then released him. “ . . . and lick pussy, all at the same time.” I leaned into Emma’s slit. She fingered herself open, allowing my tongue to reach her clit.

Verdad’s cock bobbed under my touch.

“But is it really all about you?” Emma asked. “Is this good for anyone else?”

I pulled back and looked to her. “Actually, this is a very good moment for Verdad to fuck you, if you would like.”

“That’s kind of what I was thinking,” she said.

“Mitzi, could you hand me a condom?” I asked. She unwrapped a condom and passed it to me. I looked at Verdad. “Sweet boy, I’m going to put your cock in the pretty girl. You ready?”

Verdad nodded, entirely at a loss for words.

I began to unroll the condom on his cock. He was going limp in my hand.


Stay with me, sweet boy, I thought. I took him into my mouth, my hand sparking the nerve endings of his chest.

He grew hard in me.

I pulled back to roll on the condom.

I licked a finger and massaged Emma’s clit. She had given me the secret combination; I knew how to pull her to a fast orgasm.

Verdad watched as she buckled over him.

“You can do this too,” I said. Emma raised her body.

I lifted Verdad’s cock.

She lowered herself onto him.

Verdad’s body jumped in response.

His mouth dropped open as he watched Emma take his virginity.

My secret project was complete.

Verdad had confessed his virginity to me on the night we met. He was bisexual, he said, but had only been with one man and no women.

I couldn’t just let that alone.

For my birthday, I had wanted to give back two things. I wanted to help Erin find her inner lesbian, and I wanted Verdad’s virginity.

Emma had helped me to accomplish both projects.

“Here,” I said, taking Verdad’s wrist in my hand. “You can touch her.”

I lead his hand over her shoulders and breasts. He quivered as she slowly rode him.

I took his index finger, leading it to her clit. I massaged her with it.

“Like this,” I said. He followed as we touched her.

I leaned to his ear.

“I’m going to go now. I need to put my cock in Emma’s mouth. You are in charge.”

“Okay . . .,” he managed.

I stood and smiled.

I kissed Emma.

Then I stood over Verdad and gave my cock to Emma’s mouth.

I looked to her eyes.

I noticed John watching.

“Verdad’s a good cocksucker too,” I said, nodding over my shoulder. “Try him out.”

“Thanks, I will,” John said, lowering his boxers. He gave his large cock to Verdad’s mouth.

Mitzi crawled across the bed slow and feline, and nudged against Emma’s face. The two of them passed my cock back and forth.

Shelby watched, smiling and impressed by it all. She had pretty much cashed in her chips on group sex, but she still loved to watch her man go at it.

“Baby, come here.” I leaned forward to kiss Shelby. “Please suck me,” I whispered.

Shelby joined Mitzi in blowing me.

Emma focused on the teenager she was riding.

I looked down at Verdad, his eyes squeezed shut, his hands on Emma’s hips, his mouth full of John’s cock, his virginity slipping back into his childhood.

I looked across the room. Mark was joining the frieze of sex transpiring on the twin bed.

Gabriel smiled at me. I smiled back.

This was unquestionably about as hot as it gets.

And yet my cock was flaccid and utterly unresponsive.

Two weeks of wall-to-wall sex had taken its toll.

I had lost my mojo.


Chrissy said...

In the words of Toby, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm good as I'll ever be."

Have a great vacation!

Emma said...

Perhaps next time you'll let me in on it next time you want me to take someone's virginity. ;)

Mark said...

Was I sleep-fucking again on Ambien or is there another Mark impersonating me? I do not remember this lovely gathering at all? (Although that doesn't mean I won't maturbate to it) Actaually I was probably on my back and didn't see everything.

Naked Condo said...

Egad. That's quite the virgin orgy situation.

Viviane said...

Um, Elena relieved Eric of his underwear and then you sent it sailing over the terrace balcony.

And what I recall is you barking 'Eric, want to get your cock sucked?' and holding out your hand.

greenlacewing said...

gorgeous writing

wondermnd said...

Too good. Wish I were there. Sigh...