Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fleshbot and Family

This week, my Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot pays homage to those who keep it simple—the reliable fuck buddies and casual pick ups who see us through.

Honestly, there should be a parade in their honor.

That march may have to wait for now, but in the meantime, parading perverts do have the happy coincidence of the annual pairing of the Mermaid Parade and the Gay Pride Parade, which took place this Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

You want public displays of affection, exhibitionistic antics and naked flesh? Why then, there’s no better time to be in the city!

However, if you are a pervert who happens to be a parent, it was also a good time to get the hell out of Dodge.

My kids have no interest in standing about gawking at painted tits or exposed hustler cock. Evidently, those acorns fell a little afield of the oak.

This weekend, Bridget and I loaded my progeny into a big-ass rented van and guzzled our gasses out New Jersey way for a respite down the shore.

It rained on us all.

Mother Nature makes no distinction between topless wanna-be sea urchins, hot mama dykes on bikes, gyrating go-go boys or our clique, a mild-mannered family seeking gaming diversions on the Boardwalk.

I can’t discount the weather to bad luck, though. If you want evidence of my family’s good fortune, you need look no further than the mountains of stuffed animals now scattered throughout my apartment—all won as prizes, and all freshly christened by Collie and Lillie.

The kids spent the evening hard at work on genealogies linking the new arrivals to old favorites in the blended family of their combined menagerie—just as they have come to see Bridget as “Dad’s cool friend” who belongs in our inner circle.

As I write, some fluffy fortunates among these adopted kin are already tucked in with their new mama and papa.

Ain’t life grand?

It’s Sunday night and the kids are in bed. I’m going to pour a bourbon, turn up The Big Broadcast, and write smut for you.


Avah said...

Well, wouldn't you know- I'm doing the same thing!

I've got my "water" and I'm jotting down about the Christening of my strap-on with you know who and then you know what! (I'm trying to keep them all in suspense...)

And I think I'll play the big broadcast, just to be a copy-cat.

Oh, get the blender out, we're making daiquiris!

Kate said...

Must be in the air, just posted about you darling.
Mmmm and I love it when you write smut for us!

Asian Big Girl said...

I'd post a sweet sappy comment about us old folk managing to stay up and watching Letterman and Springsteen with our parenting juice...

But my own circle of stuffed animals awaits me, thanks to Lillie. Who clearly inherited the talent for arcade games from me.

We all know the boys got the Star Wars gene....

"'Night, Pa."

Avah said...

Mmm...Nachos and Daiquris- too bad Clay Aiken wasn't there.

marla - - said...

ahh man, you went to the mermaid parade? I looked for you you fucker!