Sunday, June 11, 2006


I looked back and smiled as Shelby took my fingers.

We had made this walk to my bedroom so many times.

We made a practice of being together before others arrived to join us.

To share us.

We touched this time alone as our home base, establishing that our bond was secure and not to be undone by what may come.

Never entirely sure of what may come.

She kissed me as we stood next to the bed. My cock grew into her as my fingers lighted across her body, already nude, like mine, and equally attuned to the lightness of the air surrounding us.

The air between us vanished as we fell back onto the bed.

Shelby’s kisses told me she was excited by the prospect of being with me and two women in short order. She was making love to me, of course, and in love with me. But my body was shifting in her mind, transposed to become those she would soon touch.

I was glad to be the vehicle to her desire for others, the man in the place of the women she anticipated.

Her hand tugged the cock pressing her smooth slit.

“You really have to fuck me now,” she said.

We each sighed as I entered her, feeling that familiar rush of warmth as our minds surrendered to our bodies. Blood shifted course midstream, enlarging me within her, grasping me into her.

I buried my face to her neck. My hips drove into her.

She clutched my back.

I listened to the quickening of her breath. My eyes were nuzzled to her hair, but I would envision her face as she pushed to her orgasm. I could match the closing of her eyes to the tightening on my cock. I held deep in her, prepared to resist the expulsion of her muscles, an involuntary response that came with the high wail of her moan.

“Oh God, oh God . . .”

I clutched her body and held firm as she roared.

“Unnh . . . arrr-unnh!” she screamed.

I kept at her as the first orgasm subsided.

I pulled up and looked at her face, her eyes still closed. “You were so pent up, baby, like you were ready to explode,” I smiled.

“Just . . . fuck me,” she complained.

She was in no mood for conversation.

I sat back on my haunches, keeping myself in her. I pulled her legs back, taking her thighs in my grip. This had me deep in her, pressing up into her.

I began to move slowly within her. Her eyes were closed as she pushed down against me.

She was blind to the causes of the sensations in her body.

I pressed against her pushes. I was the designated driver this time around; she was going too far too fast to keep track of the mile markers.

I pinched her pale areola. She arched her back, just slightly more.

I wanted still more.

I leaned over her body to open a drawer. I fumbled through a collection of electronic remotes, pushing past plastic as I searched for wood.

I pulled out one clothespin, then another. Finally four.

I sat back, fucking her slowly, rocking her against the bed.

I released her breast from my pinch. She exhaled as the tension quieted within her.

I gave her a moment. Just feel my cock in you, I thought. I touched her face with the back of my hand.

I tugged the flesh around her nipple. A clothespin took her in its bite.

A breath. Another clothespin on her nipple.

A breath. I slapped her other tit, then cupped it in my palm. It was so small and vulnerable—I resisted an urge to squeeze.

A breath. A clothespin on another breast, where faint pink met pale, pale cyan skin.

A breath. Another nipple taken.

I reached forward, taking her wrists in my hands. Shelby’s arms were limp.

How easily her slender wrists fit into the grip of one of my hands.

I raised my thighs to pin her beneath me. My feet pushed down on hers as my hands tugged gently upward. My imagination wanted her stretched long and tender.

I held my chest above hers so as not to disturb the pinchers on her flesh.

She was bitten, stretched, and restrained, breathing shallow and eyes tight.

Now she was ready to get fucked.

I revved my hips, keeping my cock deep, pressing forward to graze her cervix, pulling back to adjust my pubis against her clit. My forehead balanced on her turned cheek.

These are the advantages of being with someone over time. You learn their bodies. You learn how they are wired.

And Shelby, who once never came from penetration, came. As she regularly came from penetration now.

And again.

“I love you, baby,” I whispered into the slip of ear that escaped the strands of her hair.

I can’t say whether she heard me or not. I said it as much for my benefit as hers.

The phone rang, signaling a guest in the lobby.

I released Shelby’s wrists to retrieve the receiver.

My cock pressed into her as I reached.

“Yes?” My voice was hoarse from lack of use.

“Jefferson? It’s Erin.”

I cleared my throat. “Hey Erin, we were just thinking of you. Come up.”

I buzzed her in. The phone was returned to the nightstand.

“Shelby?” I gently shook her shoulder. “Shelby?”

She turned and opened her eyes, almost surprised to see me.

My lips lightly touched hers.

“Company coming, baby,” I whispered into her mouth.


Avah said...

Oy vey!

Oh my! know...

Viviane said...

'Clothespins: plastic or wooden?'


rose said...

viviane.....wooden clothespins, please. plastic are to sticky when you pull them off.


Shelby said...

Wooden, of course... and if I remember correctly, there were a hell of a lot more than four.

Fletcher Beaver said...

That gave me a boner!