Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Other Woman

Laura had a problem.

She was cheating on her wife.

Laura is a lesbian in a committed relationship, but she also craves sex with men now and then.

She likes a man to take charge and dominate her. She wants to be made to worship cock.

She found a good match in Pete.

Pete was also cheating on his wife, so there wasn’t much concern about him complicating things with emotional attachments. They could meet for sex on lunch breaks, satisfying Laura’s desire for cock and domination without interfering too much with her life.

They met in hotel rooms.

Pete fucked Laura hard, spewing filth as he pounded her nasty whore cunt into submission. He called her a slut and made her worship his cock.

Laura was happy.

One day, Pete introduced her to another man.

Pete fucked Laura as the man watched.

Pete told Laura to suck the man’s cock.

Laura had never met this man before. She had never had sex with two men at once.

She blew the stranger.

Afterwards, she realized she would do anything Pete asked.

Pete told her she was a slut for blowing the stranger. He told her that he would fuck her slutty pussy in front of anyone, anytime he liked.

Pete said he was sick of paying for hotels. He told her to find a man who could host their trysts in his apartment.

Laura did as instructed.

She found me.

As Laura and I traded our first notes, she remained anonymous. I didn’t know if she was male or female.

I was told that a couple needed a place to fuck now and then, and they wanted someone to watch. I wasn’t expected to participate, but that might come up.

I replied that I was happy to help them out, perfectly content to watch, and perhaps willing to participate.

We had a pleasant exchange.

Laura finally introduced herself as my correspondent.

She also confided that she was growing frustrated with Pete.

Their affair began because she wanted good, regular sex with a man. Lately, Pete had been making dates only to break them later. They had not seen each other in weeks.

That’s how it is when you date married people, she told me.

That is a pity, I agreed. It’s tough to navigate schedules when cheating.

She was glad that I was willing to host. If she and Pete could ever arrange another date, she would be in touch.

Great, I replied. And if you find yourself in the market for a new lover, I went on, we could fuck and see how it goes.

That’s super, she wrote. Thanks for the offer. She asked if I could be dominant and force her to worship my cock.

No problem, I said. I would want our first time to be more of an intake, just to feel the waters. But if we pursued this, I could be very dominant and forceful.

She asked if I could be verbal.

I’m very quiet, I confessed. But I can try.

She asked to see me the next day, at one. She would have about an hour.

I gave her the address.

The next day, she arrived promptly at one.

Laura was attractive and thin, with shoulder-length wavy black hair pulled back by a comb. Her eyes were large and clear as they took me in.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks. May I take your jacket?”

“Oh.” She removed her black jacket. “Thanks.”

I put it in the closet. “And please take off your shoes.”

“Okay.” She kicked her loafers to one side.

“Would you care for a glass of water?” I offered.

“No, thanks.”

We sat for a moment, exchanging pleasantries.

“Would you like a tour?” I asked.

She sat upright. “Yes, that would be nice.”

I showed Laura around my apartment—the living room, the kitchen, the terrace, my bedroom.

In my bedroom, I indicated a certain section of the floor.

“Here’s a spot that has special significance.”

“Really? How’s that?”

“Stand here.”

She stepped into the spot.

I stepped closer. “This place is special,” I said. “It is the site of our first kiss.”

She stiffened her back. “Okay.”

I placed my hands on her cheeks and smiled. I drew her into a kiss.

She stood still as my mouth met hers.

I prolonged the kiss.

She gave over her mouth, never relaxing her stance.

I stood back. She stood at ease.

“Nice,” I said, stroking her hair. “You know, there is another significant place in this room, just a step forward from where you are now standing.”

“You mean, here?” she asked, taking a step.

“Little to the left.”


“Yes,” I smiled, sitting in a chair. I rested a finger on my chin. “That is where you first undressed for me.”

Her back tensed. “Okay.”

She calmly unbuttoned her sweater, beginning at the bottom and working up.

She removed her sweater and looked around.

“You may place it on the bed. You may place all your clothing on the bed.”

“Okay.” Without moving from her assigned spot, she leaned forward to throw her sweater on the bed.

She pulled off her undershirt, revealing full breasts in a black bra.

She tossed the undershirt on the bed.

“Can you pause for just a moment? You belly is so well defined; I would like to watch you breath.”


She stood very still, her breath slow and regular.

She’s one cool cucumber, I thought.

“Thank you. You may resume.”


She reached to her hip and unzipped her pants. She tugged at a button.

She lowered her pants, and stepped out of them.

Her pants joined the clothes on my bed.

She stood erect, looking at me.

“Thank you,” I said. “Let me look at you.”


Her breathing remained steady.

I watched her breath.

Her underwear was black and sheer. I could see her nipples and bald pussy.

I looked at the clock. She had been at my door twenty minutes earlier. Before she knocked, we had never seen on another.

Now she stood in my bedroom, stripped to her underwear, awaiting my next command.

“I would like you to come here and kiss me.”

“Okay.” She stepped from her spot as if leaving a cage. She walked to me.

She leaned forward, resting her arms on the back of my chair. She leaned forward slowly, allowing her breasts to brush my face.

Her lips were on mine.

Her breathing picked up.

I remained fully dressed. My cock pressed against the leg of my jeans. Her hand moved to touch it.

Prior to her arrival, I pondered whether or not I would show her my cock today.

She pulled back.

She raised a leg and rested it on the arm of my chair.

She pressed forward so that the exposed flesh of her breasts grazed my cheeks.

She pressed her pussy against my cock, pushing against the denim and panties between our flesh.

Her nostrils flared as she moved on me.

I reconsidered my plan.

She would be seeing my cock today.

“Laura, take a pillow from the bed.”

She stopped grinding me, and stood erect.


She took a pillow and stood, waiting.

“Place it on the floor at my feet.”


She bent forward to place the pillow at my feet. She did not drop it.

“I would like for you to suck my cock, Laura.” I unfastened my belt.

She drew back her shoulders.


I unzipped my pants.

“You may watch as I remove my cock.”


My cock jumped from my jeans.

I lowered the jeans to my feet and kicked them aside.

“All right, Laura, the pillow is for your use. Enjoy.”

“Okay, thank you.”

She kneeled before me. With her eyes on me, she took my cock in hand.

She led it to her mouth.

She savored the head of my cock, washing it with her tongue. Every few moments, she took it full into her mouth.

“Oh, yes, Laura, that is a very good.” I commended her, petting her hair.

She stopped and sat up, her back fully erect.

“Thank you.”

She sat, waiting.

I realized that each time I spoke, she acknowledged this by stiffening her back, responding and awaiting the next command.

Someone—Pete, maybe?—had trained her very well.

I made a mental note: I would like to get a leash on Laura.

“Laura, before we met today, I asked you to masturbate while thinking of me. Did you do this?”

“Yes, last night, and again this morning.”

I touched her cheek, “That’s above and beyond. Thank you. And what did you think about as you masturbated?”

“I thought about you taking me with other men. I thought about being used.”

That was a surprise. It was certainly a fantasy I could help her to realize, in time.

I tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

“Who were the other men, Laura?”

“Pete. I don’t know who the rest were. I only know you and Pete. The rest were just men.”


“You may resume your cock sucking,” I said.

“Okay, thank you.”

She resumed.

I removed my t-shirt.

I leaned forward, caressing her shoulder and back. I noticed a tattoo in script on her lower back.

“What does your tattoo say?”

She removed my cock from her mouth and sat back on her haunches.

“It’s says ‘Trudy.’ That’s my wife’s name.”

“You have your wife’s name tattooed on your back?” I took her cheeks in my hand, and kissed her. “I think”—kiss—“that is”—kiss—“the sweetest thing”—kiss—“ever.”

I gave her a long kiss.

“Now get on my bed so I can fuck you.”

She stood. “On my belly, or my back?” she asked.

“I’m sorry for the lack of clarity. On your back.”


She lay in the middle of my bed, her black hair against my pillows.

I took her clothes from the bed and tossed them on my vacated chair.

I checked the time.

I had about half an hour remaining to fuck her.

Not much time to leave a lasting impression.

I decided to forgo pussy licking and g-spot massage. She may be getting that at home. She was here for cock.

“You have a lovely body,” I said, my hands roaming her flesh. “And I’m impressed that you are so smooth for me.”

“Thank you.”

My fingers caressed her pale pussy, and dipped into her wetness.

“I know your time is short. Should I fuck you?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Please.”

I smiled and reached for a condom.

I tore the package and tossed it on the floor.

Slowly and deliberately, I rolled the condom onto my cock.

Her eyes watched every move.

I lifted her legs up and back, moving forward to rest my cock on her slit.



I pushed in.

This loosened her back. She arched and wriggled.

I held her thighs back and pushed deep.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said, breathing deeper. “Thank you.”

“I want to go harder.”

“Yes, okay.”

I pressed with my hands, folding her legs back to pin her down.

I looked down to see my blond pubes pressed against her bare pussy.

I arched myself up on my feet and began slowly, lifting myself out and lowering myself in, deep then shallow, shallow then deep.

I picked up the pace.

Her eyes were closed, her head listing to one side.

She was slipping away.

I would know when she was gone. In her absence, I would take care of her flesh.

I slowed, staying deep.

She was going limp.

I took her face in my hands like a vice, and fucked hard.

Laura was gone, in her bliss.

I fucked my damnedest to keep her there.

“Laura? Laura?”

“Yeah . . . ?”

“You have to leave in a few minutes, and you need to suck my cock.”

Her eyes were closed. “Oh . . . okay.”

I gave her a moment.



“You need to suck my cock. I’m pulling out now.”


She sighed as I pulled out.

And just like that, she snapped to.

I lay back. “Thanks. I want you to suck me off..”


She bent over me and took my cock.

She worked me furiously. Time was running out.

I focused. I never cum easily, but I wanted her to know this was a good date.

My hand touched my pubis, pressing in.

She bobbed on my cock, holding it firm.

We were full throttle.

“Jefferson,” she said, panting. “I have to go back to work . . .”

“What you have to do is suck my cock. Now.” I rested a hand on her head. “I’m close.”

She gave me a wary look, then went back at it.

I gave myself three minutes.

In two minutes, I shot.

She sat back, stroking wave after wave from my body.

I convulsed as she palmed me.

“You . . . if you,” I panted. I pointed to the door. “Washcloth . . .”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

A little after two, she was dressed and at my door.

I kissed her.

“Very nice to meet you,” I said. “I will do better next time to have you out in an hour exactly when necessary.”

“Oh, this is fine. I can’t believe it’s only been an hour.”

I waved at the door. She smiled.

“See you next time.”

I returned to my computer and sent her a note.

Thanks for the lovely time, I said. We were incredibly compatible. I offered to pursue a regular dom/sub affair.

She agreed. It was a really great first date. Maybe next week?

I’d like that, I wrote. I can meet Monday lunch, Tuesday lunch or after work, and Friday lunch.

I can’t meet Monday or Tuesday, she said, but Friday is possible.

I penciled her in for Friday.

Friday came and went.

The next week, I offered Monday after work, Tuesday and Wednesday lunch, and Friday after work.

Sounds great, she said.

And so it went for a month or so.

I never saw her again.

That’s how it goes, I thought, when you date married people.


Viviane said...

Oh, would you show us your cock today, Jefferson? ;-D

exile said...

“Here’s a spot that has special significance.”

“Really? How’s that?”

“Stand here.”

She stepped into the spot.

I stepped closer. “This place is special,” I said. “It is the site of our first kiss.”

*does a slow clap*
you magnificent bastard, that has to be the best line. you don't mind if i use that line, do you?

brilliant piece btw, sorry you lost a sub. damn married people

Jefferson said...

By way of follow up: shortly after I posted this tale--which, of course, Laura read--she wrote to say that she very much enjoyed our meeting.

She said she had worked things out with Pete, and they continue to meet. She told me that she stayed with him because she enjoys being "under his thumb sexually."

As long as she's happy, it's all good.