Monday, December 19, 2005

Hooking Up

Marcus was nude on my sofa, typing on his laptop.

I was nude at my desk, typing on my computer.

We wanted to get laid.

Now, you may wonder: if two nude men want to have sex, why don’t they just get busy?

Of course, we considered that option.

Marcus and I love one another, and we’ve each got mad skills. The sex we have together is about as good as it gets.

A day and half of nudity and blowjobs with Shelby had left us keyed up for a full-throttle, no-holds-barred, separate-the-boys-from-the–men bout of man-on-man action.

We were geared up for sex of such intensity that, to be honest, we weren’t sure the two of us could pull it off without an assistant.

Or two.

Anyway, when you have sex this good, it just seems selfish not to share it with others.

I’m a firm believer in repeat business, so I suggested we contact the men we met at a previous party at my place. Marcus smiled at the memory. Alas, Carl was in Paris, Henry was unavailable, and Verdad, true to form, was missing in action.

We had to start from scratch. We retreated to our respective computers.

There was an unspoken competition to see who scored first.

It’s not that we are all that competitive. Either way, we both win. The competition arose because the winner got to choose the prize.

If Marcus scored, we’d be fucking someone more to his type. Our trick would likely be a versatile gay man in his thirties, with plenty of experience, moderate body hair, and a penchant for kink.

If I scored, we’d be fucking a cute twentysomething twink, probably dark haired and more “curious” than experienced.

I’m game for Marcus’s type, and he is game for mine. But of course, we would prefer our preferences.

As we worked, we each searched different URLs.

Marcus swears by Manhunt. This site allows you to chat with men in your immediate vicinity who are online because they want to hook up now. You can peruse profiles and search for areas of common interest.

If you want someone with set preferences in proximity to your zip code, it’s the way to go.

I’ve never used it, but Marcus says it’s great. He’s found really hot men.

Me, I rely on Craig’s List. I like the variety of posts, as each person writes his particular fantasy. Most are prosaic claptrap, but now and then you find a jewel.

That’s because Craig’s List allows for creativity beyond the usual “which of the following best describes you” multiple-choice buttons.

Say, for example, that you have a specific fantasy about seducing a pizza deliveryman.

That would take some work to arrange through a site such as Manhunt. But post it on Craig’s List, and chances are that somewhere in this big city you’ll find a man willing to put on a cap, pick up a pizza, and knock on your door.

Marcus and I typed away, interrupting one another to look at photos.

“He’s hot, right?” Marcus asked about a broad shouldered former Marine in Brooklyn.

“Yeah, he’s great. But check this out,” I countered, downloading a thug Latino skateboarder from the Bronx.

“Yeah, cute,” Marcus replied, returning to his monitor.

As we worked, I remembered someone.

“Hey Marcus,” I said over my shoulder.

“Huh?” he replied, scanning profiles, not looking up.



“The grad student, the one who read my blog and contacted you . . .”

“Oh, right, Ben! Yeah, what’s with Ben?”

“He’s in New York now. And guess who has his number?”

“I do, because you’re giving it to me. Let’s call him.”

Ben had initially contacted me to say he enjoyed reading this blog, particularly the stories involving Marcus and sex parties. His notes were clever and when I asked for a photo, I was sent a smile so warm it could be chopped up and used for firewood.

His email address indicated that he was enrolled at a college in Washington.

Good news, I told him. Marcus is starting sex parties near you. Shall I have him contact you?

Oh yes, Ben replied.

Marcus was also impressed by his correspondence with Ben, but alas, what with Marcus’s demanding schedule and Ben’s school load, they never managed to meet.

Now, he was in New York, enrolled in another program.

We called.

For once, timing worked in our favor. Ben had no plans for the day and was aching for some fine sex. He was soon on his way.

After so much correspondence, we were both eager to meet Ben.

As we wrapped up our email exchanges with other contenders, I called Marcus over.

“What do you think of this one?” I asked, showing him a photo. “Cute face, twenty seven, bottom . . . I figure that since you and Ben are versatile and I top, we can use a bottom.”

Marcus leaned over to look. “Yeah, and he’s Asian. Your type.”

I shrugged. “Nah, I just like fucking people who don’t look like me. What do you think? In or out?”

“Whatever, if you want him in, he’s in. I’m going to shower.”

Joseph was glad to be emailed an invitation. “There will be how many of us?” he asked.


“A novel experience,” he replied.

“’A novel experience,’” I thought. Nice. A man who isn’t stingy with the syllables.

I sent my address and followed Marcus to the shower.

Joseph was the first to arrival. He was a dapper fellow in white who spoke with a crisp British accent.

We enjoyed a pleasant exchange as Marcus returned calls. He allowed a few words and nods for Joseph, but I could see that he wasn’t really all that interested.

I turned to Joseph and suggested that we dispense with formalities and get directly to task.

He thought this was a splendid idea.

Marcus found us nude and cuddling on my bed.

“You look cozy,” he smiled.

“Yeah, pretty much,” I replied. “You want to join us?”

“No, I’ll wait for Ben to get here. I’m getting stuff done. I’ll catch you in a few.”

“Okay, baby.” Marcus left us alone.

“He’s very handsome,” Joseph said. “Do you think he likes me?”

“He warms up nicely.” I traced my fingers along his bare chest. “So, you want to suck my cock?”

“Oh, well, certainly.”

Joseph’s mouth left feathery kisses on my torso as he ventured down my body.

“I do hope Marcus warms up,” he said, interrupting his progress. “I’m excited to be with so many men at once. Very unusual. Perhaps I can experience bukkake.”

“You’d like us to cum on you?” I said, caressing his hair.

“Yes, very much,” he replied, tonguing the head of my cock. “Though I’m really too shy to request it.”

“I’ll mention it to the boys. You just worry about that cock.”

“Thank you. Of course, your cock.”

Joseph’s tongue gingerly navigated my cock, occasionally leading me into his mouth. It was a delicate performance, tender and girlish.

This was not the blowjob of a bukkake pig, I thought. He’s going to need to heat things up to interest Marcus.

“That’s very sweet,” I said, caressing his face. “And just look how hard you have me. Want to get fucked?”

He looked up. “Why yes, sure. But take care, as it’s been a while.”

“Oh, I will take great care.”


He bent over. I took him slowly, with ample lube and foreplay. And what do you know? He could take a good fucking.

I found Joseph’s forte.

I amped it up.

“Jefferson,” Marcus said from the door. “Ben’s here.”

Ben emerged behind Marcus. He was tall and as handsome as we thought, with short-cropped sandy hair that was, at age twenty-eight, already salted with flecks of white.

“Well, hey Ben,” I said, wiping my lubed fingers on my hip. I extended a hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

He took my hand and laughed, nodding at Joseph. “Yes, and no surprise about the circumstances.”

“Right. This is Joseph.” I tapped his ass. “Joseph, say hi to Ben.”

Joseph turned on his pillow. “Nice to meet you, Ben.”

“This one wants a face full of cum, by the way,” I added.

“Nice to meet you, Joseph.” Ben replied. He put his hands on his hips. “Well, so what do we do now?”

“Now?” Marcus smiled, stepping forward. “Now I kiss you.”

“Hot.” Ben took Marcus into a deep kiss. They grabbed each other faces, roughly.

I resumed my task at hand.

Ben and Marcus tugged at one another’s clothes, undressing as they kissed. Ben was sexy and passionate, very much to Marcus’s liking. By contrast, Joseph was something of a cold fish.

If this was going to be a good foursome, I needed to heat up Joseph.

Ben was blowing Marcus.

Marcus sighed loudly.

“Turn over,” I told Joseph, pulling out. “I want to look at you when we fuck.”

“Oh, okay.” He turned, and I guided my cock back into him. I ran my hands over his smooth torso.

“Do you like this, Joseph?”

“Yes, I do.”

I pinched a nipple, lightly.

“Ow!” he said, flinching. “Not that, though.”

“Okay, Joseph, I’ll be gentle.” I smiled, pushed deep and stayed there.

Marcus took Ben’s shoulders and raised him. Ben was hard, his cock thick as a beer can.

Marcus popped the top and took it, shotgun.

Ben guided Marcus to sit on the bed, and fucked his face.

“Joseph, I’m going to go wash up. When I come back, we’ll trade blowjobs.”

“Oh, okay, fine.”

When I returned, Ben was fucking Marcus. Ben stood beside the bed as Marcus rested his elbows on the mattress.

Joseph sat, watching.

I put my cock in Joseph’s mouth. He held it tight at the base, so it wouldn’t go too deep.

“Joseph,” Marcus said. “I want to try something.”

Joseph looked back.

“Bend over here. Ben, let me go for a sec.”

Ben looked down and stepped back. “Okay, I’m out.”

“Jefferson, can you pass me a condom and the lube?”

I did as Marcus asked.

“Turn this way,” Marcus instructed, moving Joseph’s hips to the edge of the bed. “I’m going to fuck you.”

“Okay . . .” Joseph said, crawling backwards to Marcus.

“And you,” Marcus said to Ben, opening the condom. “You are going to fuck me.”

“Hot.” Ben took another kiss as Marcus expertly put on a condom and lubed Joseph, his eyes never leaving Ben.

“Okay now,” Marcus said, taking Joseph’s hips. “You ready?”

“Yes, ready.” Marcus entered him deeply. Joseph fell forward on his shoulders, his body surrendering to Marcus’s grip and cock.

“You ready for me now?” Ben asked, stroking his thick cock.

Marcus leaned over Joseph. “Yeah.”

Marcus groaned as he took Ben.

Ben threw back his head, ecstatic.

I watched as one man fucked another as that man fucked another.

I lifted Joseph’s face. He looked up at me.

I didn’t say a word.

He knew what to do.

He lifted himself on his arms and wordlessly took my cock in his mouth.

His weight rested on his hands. They could not interfere with his mouth.

I took his cheeks in my palms and looked in his dark eyes.

I fed him a throat full of cock. Deep and lingering.

His face reddened.

I withdrew a little.

“Good boy, Joseph. Now I can fuck you.”

Marcus and Ben worked in concert, thrusting hard into Joseph.

I pushed back just as hard from his face, my eyes rarely leaving his.

“Joseph . . . you want that facial now?”

His eyes replied in the affirmative.

I pulled out and jerked twice, maybe three times. He gasped, watching.

I came for him, on his hair, his ear, his cheek.

Marcus groaned at the sight.

Joseph fell forward on his elbows as he came. The orgasm shivered back through his body, pulsing onto Marcus’s cock.

Marcus quaked.

He pushed the boy off his dick, forcefully, as if discarding a used memory, and plunged forward on the bed.

“Yes, fuck yeah,” Ben called, pressing forward.

Joseph looked back, his leg caught under Marcus.

I rustled the cum into his hair. “You may as well chew that leg off, Joseph.”

I left to wash up. My face and chest were flushed in the mirror.

I returned with a bourbon and settled into a chair. Marcus was tucking his balls into Ben’s ass.

“Man, I wanted to see this,” Ben said.

Sweat dripped on him from Marcus’s brow. “Watch, buddy, here’s how you do it . . .”

Joseph watched, tugging on his white briefs.

So much for waiting for more bukkake.

Joseph dressed and rinsed his hair as I watched the boys fuck, intense but with laughter.

They decided to break, and fell back on the bed.

“Well,” Joseph said, standing at the foot of the bed. “I suppose I should be off . . .”

I stood. “Let me put on some clothes and show you to the door.”

“Thanks. Nice to meet you, Marcus. Ben.”

“Nice to see you too, Joseph,” Marcus smiled. His arms held Ben close.

“Yeah, very nice,” Ben nodded against Marcus’s chest.

I said goodbye at the door.

“Let’s do it again sometime,” I smiled, offering a hand.

He shook my hand. “Yes, let’s do that,” he replied.

I closed the door.

Ben and Marcus stood in the hallway.

“Think you’ll see him again?” Ben asked.

Marcus and I looked at one another. “Nah.”

It was a Sunday evening, so I turned on The Big Broadcast.

Marcus offered cigars. I poured bourbons for Ben and myself, a vodka for Marcus.

I lit a few candles. We sat on the terrace nude, smoking, drinking, talking, laughing.

Ben asked about Madeline and other people he knew from the blog.

He and Marcus talked about an electric current they felt while fucking one another.

“Maybe you should blog him as ‘battery,’ Marcus,” I suggested. “You name all your tricks after inanimate objects.”

“No,” Marcus said, puffing his cigar and glancing at the boy. “This one gets a name.”

We settled on Ben, as in Franklin.

Marcus left for home that night. He and Ben walked out together.

I slept alone.

The next day, I got an email from Ben.

It was great to meet you finally. And Marcus was just as cool as I expected.

So when are you going to fuck me, Jefferson?

I dropped a line to Marcus.

We had a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Finally, some hot man-on-man action.

Yeah, baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on something from the last post: you have condoms that have been around your place long enough to expire? How on earth...?

exile said...

you know... i have to agree with anon#2, i mean, it's just not possible...

the wrapper from one sure, but the acctuall one? i figured you'd go through them so fast you wouldn't even have cling wrap in the kitchen