Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fan Fiction II

Rose was feeling contrite.

She wrote a very nice fantasy about meeting Jefferson, thus inaugurating a new segment of this blog, “Fan Fiction.”

This segment allows readers to imagine meeting Jefferson and/or his friends.

Feel free to try your hand in writing a fantasy. You can submit it at

Rose did well. I was content.

But Rose read the comments of readers, including those of people who know me well. She correctly surmised that these are the best critics of her fantasy.

She felt she could do better. She felt she owed it to me—and to you, gentle reader—to do better.

Once more, she submits.

The Summoning

As I sit working at my computer I notice his name pop up in my inbox: Jefferson.

My mind immediately wanders to slutty thoughts as I open his message. It’s brief.

Rose, please leave whatever you’re doing. I wish for you to be at my door in twenty minutes.


I slip on a skirt and little shirt, check my hair and I’m out the door.

On my way to meet Jefferson I wonder what he’s got planned in that lusciously perverse mind of his. As I ponder the possibilities, my breathing grows shallow and wetness begins to seep out of me.

What an effect you have on me, Jefferson . . . , I think to myself, smiling in anticipation.

He answers the door almost immediately after hearing my knock. Opening the door, he pulls me in, shutting the door with my body as he pins me to it, my hands held tightly over my head as he leans in to kiss me . . . hard, passionate, demanding, hungry. He pulls away grabbing my hair and lowering me to my knees.

Slip off your coat, he tells me. The only words he’s spoken to me. I do as requested and then he binds my wrists together behind my back with the cuffs he had sitting by the door.

Sneaky, I think to myself. I didn’t even see those when I came in.

Jefferson is now standing in front of me, clothed. He looks down at me, raising my face to look at him. He requests that I remove his pants.

With my teeth, I comply, struggling to undo his belt and the button on his pants. I can’t get the button, so with an admonishment and promise of punishment, he opens the button for me.

I take the zipper down with my teeth.

With a little nudging, his pants fall to the ground with a thud. Jefferson steps out of them as his cock springs forth in front of me. Running his hand through my hair, he feeds me his cock . . . deep into my mouth, mmmmmmmmmm, I mumble, sending vibrations up his cock.

I look up at him in the sheer bliss of having his cock in my mouth.

Grabbing my hair to keep my head still, he fucks my face for a nice long time, enjoying my gasps, gurgles and drools as he plunges himself deep inside my throat. Pulling out, Jefferson caresses my check.

Such a good girl, he tells me, helping me up.

Taking my hand, Jefferson leads me to the bedroom.

He blindfolds me, unhooks my wrists and begins to remove my clothes, playing with my body as he uncovers my flesh.

My body quivers with each touch, not knowing where I will feel his hands or lips next . . .

His lips on mine, warm, exciting, tongues dancing over each other, then it stops . . .

Lips on left shoulder, nibbling, (mmmmmmmm) . . .

Hand squeezing my nipple, (ooooo, good), hand smacking my ass, once, twice, third time really hard (I arch back wanting more, it stops), lips sucking my tit (oh more, more) as his hand runs over my stomach and feels my pussy, which he finds so wet, my juices running down my thigh.

Oh Jefferson, yes please . . . more of that. Fuck me, I plead.

Rose, you know it’s not going to happen that easily, baby.

He moves away from me, leaving me to stand alone. I hear him moving about the room, opening drawers, assembling things, but I can’t see what’s going on.

Anxious, I begin to shake, wondering what next sensation I will feel.

He doesn’t leave me wondering for long.

I feel his hands turn me and push my upper back forward. I’m leaning on the bed, my ass and pussy totally exposed.

Smack . . . the feeling of a crop on my ass.

I moan as Jefferson thoroughly crops my ass, varying the speed and strength of those luscious whacks. A pause and then I feel the gentle caress of his hands on my red, welted ass, soothing me, feeling my wetness.

That was for the button on my pants, sweet Rose.

Standing me upright, turning me toward him, he lowers me to the bed and helps me scoot back so he has me centered.

Lay down baby.

I do as asked, again waiting for a sound, some movement to tell me what may happen next. I am greeted with silence.

Then I feel his weight on the bed, the heat of him as he moves on top of me, taking my arms and pinning them over my head as he kisses me. I eagerly respond, melting into his kisses, forgetting everything else.

I could get lost in his kisses, I think.

Then I realize that he is binding me to the bed by my wrists as he’s kissing me. Moving off me, he secures my ankles.

Silence again for a time and I wonder if he’s just staring at me. Has he left the room, what’s happening?

The silence that envelops me as I am blindfolded and secured to the bed both intoxicates and scares me a little. After all Rose, you hardly know this man, I think to myself.

Yet I know I can trust him and the scariness subsides. Now my senses are just heightened at the curiosity of what will happen next.

I don’t wonder for long.

All of a sudden, I feel the sensation of something hot dripping on my skin and I yelp in surprise. He follows that with ice . . . cold, shocking.

He alternates the two, making my body buzz with pleasure/pain as I give myself up to the feeling.

The hot wax stops and he deposits a piece of ice in my pussy, following that with his tongue on my clit.

Moaning with desire I strain against my restraints as Jefferson teases my clit, enjoying my reactions. And again he stops.

We need to clean you up, baby, he tells me.

The restraints are removed and kissing me, he removes my blindfold. It feels a little odd to see my surroundings again.

How’re you feeling, Rose? he asks.

Wonderful, still hungry, I reply.

Don’t worry, baby, we’re not even close to being done.

I smile and kiss him between his shoulder blades as I follow him to the bathroom.

We get in the shower together and Jefferson removes the wax and soaps me up. We stand together, under the warm stream of water, kissing tenderly, caressing each other, kisses growing more urgent.

I’m on my knees sucking his cock.

He lets me go for a bit then stops me. We step out of the shower, drying each other with fluffy towels.

Walking back down the hall, I start to turn into the bedroom. Jefferson stops my by pulling on my hair.

No baby, a little lunch first.

He leads me to the kitchen.

He puts an already prepared salad on the table. We eat and talk, naked, and I’m surprised at how comfortable it is.

You make a fine lunch, Jefferson, as I feast on my salad of greens, pine nuts, a medley of veggies, goat cheese and a hunk of French bread.

Water along with bourbon for Jefferson and red wine for me are consumed with our meal and conversation.

After a bit, he stands. Taking my hand, he leads me back to the bedroom.

On the way, he admires the marks left on my ass. I laugh and tell him I’m glad they’re there. I will enjoy the reminders for a few day. They will bring the memories and sensations flooding back.

Back in his bed, we cozy up next to each other kissing. The desire returns, hot and strong.

I’m glad my hands are free to roam over his body, touching, caressing, playing with his nipples, feeling him nibble my ear lobes.

He rolls me onto my back and works his way down my body, settling between my legs. Amazing feelings wash over me as he seems to pay attention to every little crevice of my pussy and ass.

His tongue and fingers are magic and I am swept away by the feelings, moaning and pushing my pussy into his mouth, a starving woman finally being fed.

My eyes close and my head rolls to the side as I moan and shudder with my first orgasm.

Jefferson doesn’t move, he just keeps massaging, licking, sucking until he feels me cum again. Flipping me over, he starts to massage my ass with his lubbed thumb. As he feels me relax, he inserts a finger slowly, then another, letting me get used to the feeling.

You okay, Rose?

Oh yes, Jefferson. It feels so good,

He removes his fingers, lubes up a butt plug and inserts that, making sure I’m comfortable.

Then he rolls a condom onto his cock and sets to fucking my pussy.

Oh god, Jefferson. That feels so good, I moan. I feel so full.

He fucks me hard for a bit, pulls out and with the butt plug still in place, flips me onto my back again. Holding my legs back, he plunges his cock back inside me and fucks me.

We gaze at each other feeling the intensity, kissing and fucking . . . I start to feel this new sensation . . . my body begins to shudder.

I realize that I’m having an orgasm just from penetration.

My eyes widen and I gasp in surprise.

What is it, Rose?

Sheepishly I tell him I just had my first orgasm from penetration. It was such a surprise.

He smiles and pulls out.

We cuddle for a while, talking quietly, kissing.

Feeling oh-so-wonderful, I move to suck Jefferson’s cock again.

I look up to find him watching me and smiling as I suck him.

I move to lick his balls, rimming his ass, then back to his cock.

I work the tip with my tongue and lips, then run my tongue down the underside as my hand squeezes the base of his hardness.

Taking him full in my mouth again, I suck and lick until he sits up and jerks off, spraying my tits and face with his cum.

He pulls me into his arms and we cuddle for a bit again, kissing, sharing our thoughts about what we’ve done.

All I can think about is that I can’t wait for more . . .


srchngformystry said...

rose, by any other name, is just as sweet. i love it. more, please?

and jefferson, thank you...

Blondie said...

Great job Rose.. though doing the first one was def. good enough! ignore what Jefferson would or would not do advice from other people.. It was YOUR fantasy. Reality is never the same (with Jefferson I am SURE it could only be better) It takes balls to write something public like that so kudos to u! Hope you get to expirence the reality soon enough!

Viviane said...

Excellent writing, Rose!

You are a quick study. ;-D

rose said...

thank you, viviane. i do try ; ) i like this one better too....much more real.

creativesoul2005 and blondie, thank you as well. i do appreciate the comments. helps me learn.....