Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tan, Fat, Rested

Everywhere I go, people say I look great.

“You should get out more,” they say. “You look good with a little sun.”

My recent vacation was restorative. I feel tan, fat and rested—and eager to return to my pale, skinny, restless self.

I have missed my blog, my beautiful blog. Let me catch you up, gentle reader.

Stay tuned. You need to know what’s going on with Shelby. You need to read the word on Mitzi’s new religion. You need to discover who won the contest to be my summer boyfriend.

I want to take you down south. And I want to introduce you to the Nubians.

But first, let’s return to the story in progress.

Madeline came to New York for a few days. We decided to keep it simple. Just the two of us, picking up where we left off on her first trip.

Nice and easy.

Although, of course we were going to meet Viviane for drinks . . .

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to your brilliant blog. We sure missed you.