Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cinema Viviane

Scene: A bedroom, early morning. Daylight filters through closed blinds.

Camera enters room, tracking low. Floor is littered with random items—a woman's shoe, a heavy black belt, discarded condoms.

Camera tracks up and turns to a closed closet door, over which a rope dangles.

Camera crosses black chair shared by a bra and a riding crop.

Continues arc of turn to scan top of nightstand, on which rest condom wrappers, two highball glasses—one tainted with bourbon and lipstick—a lamp, and an analog clock reading shortly after nine.

Sounds of passing traffic obscure the quiet voices of two women talking low.

Camera pulls back, continuing arc right to left as it passes over a bed adjacent to the nightstand.

The face and shoulder of a woman (MADELINE) appear. She rests on a pillow, her profile facing left. She nods, listening to a murmuring voice.

Camera pans top the profile of a sleeping man (JEFFERSON), who faces Madeline.

The hand of a woman (VIVIANE) emerges to rest on Jefferson's shoulder. Camera pans to her face as she talks with Madeline.

Camera pulls back to all three in bed, nude and uncovered, limbs entwined.

Jefferson stirs.

The two women look at him.

His arm extends to Madeline's torso.

She smiles at Viviane and turns, allowing him to spoon her body. She undulates her body into his.

Viviane caresses the bodies of Jefferson and Madeline, continuing her conversation, quiet and low.

Nodding, her eyes closing, Madeline's hand moves between her legs. She begins to masturbate.

She is quickly panting and orgasms as Viviane watches.

Jefferson's eyes open to face the back off Madeline’s shoulder. He lifts his head to see that she is masturbating.

He feels Viviane's hands on his hips, and turns to meet her eyes.

He raises his free arm—the one that is not under Madeline's head—and extends it past Viviane. She anticipates his reach and leans back, taking a condom and tearing the package. She hands it to Jefferson, who raises his head forward and rolls the condom onto his cock.

Jefferson lifts himself and turns Madeline’s body so that she rests on her back. She opens her eyes as he opens her legs.

His eyes meet hers.

Wordlessly, he moves her hand aside and enters her. He leaves his body apart, so that she can continue to masturbate. Instead, she pulls him close.

He holds her face in his hands. Their eyes are close on one another. They kiss.

Viviane's hands roam their bodies.

Camera close up on Viviane's face.

Camera pulls back from Viviane's face. She is well dressed and standing at a door.

Viviane adjusts her hair, imagining a mirror.

She knocks.

Jefferson opens the door.

"Hey, Viviane!" he beams.

"Good evening, baby." She busses his check, looking past his shoulder. "Where is she?"

"Happy birthday, Viviane!"

"Madeline!" Viviane extends her arms.

The women draw one another into an embrace, their first.

Viviane pulls back, her hands resting on Madeline's waist. She smiles at the face she has imagined so often since meeting this kindred spirit, this sister, just months ago via a link on a blog.

Madeline is smiling, even prettier than she imagined. Viviane's hands feel loose cotton and firm flesh; Madeline is wearing a light dress, nothing else.

The wine rises to Viviane’s cheeks.

A dinner engagement is behind her, abandoned, as is the cab ride filled with cautious self-rejoinders.

I can just visit, Viviane had told herself.

I am meeting Madeline for the first time. I am having drinks with her and Jefferson. He is a lover of mine. I can have lovers now. I am divorced, for all intents and purposes.

I can meet my lover's lovers.

We don’t have to have sex or anything. Maddie and I are just meeting.

Shit. I am doing this.

Better have an excuse.

Viviane drops her hands. She looks from Madeline to Jefferson, then back again.

"Kids," she announces, dropping her bag. "I am inebriated."

Viviane smiles at the memory as she caresses Jefferson’s back. Madeline moans quietly as he fucks her.

Jefferson looks to Viviane as Madeline cums.

“I thought this might happen.”

Jefferson grins as Viviane removes her bra.

“Shush,” Madeline admonishes. “I am just giving her a massage.”

“Yeah, my shoulders ache,” Viviane says, feigning indignation. “Now, where do you want me, Madeline?”

“Just lay down on the bed.”

Viviane presses her bare torso onto the sheets.

Madeline straddles Viviane’s hips and begins to knead her flesh.

“I’ll take care of your feet,” Jefferson offers. He gently removes her shoes, dropping them to the floor.

He removes his shirt, dropping it to the floor.

He dabs lotion into his palms.

Madeline opens her eyes to see Viviane, her head propped up as she watches.

Jefferson leans forward to kiss the beads of sweat from her forehead. He slows his hips, keeping his cock deep in her.

The three are quiet, touching, not speaking. Madeline keeps her thoughts to herself.

Fill me up, baby. This love. She closes her eyes.

Madeline’s eyes are closed.

Jefferson is in her.

“Shit,” Viviane says. “This is hot, kids.”

She has never seen a couple make love.

Madeline smiles, drifting.

“I want you to see her cum,” Jefferson replies. He pulls his cock from her. “I want you to make her cum.”

He puts two fingers into Madeline’s pussy. Her back arches as his fingers reach up to their mark.

“Press down for me,” he tells Viviane. “Here, just below her belly.”

“Like this?”

“A little firmer.”

Madeline moans.

“Yep, you have it,” Jefferson says. He pressed up inside Madeline, toward Viviane’s hand. “You ready to massage her g-spot?”

“Shit, yes,” Viviane replies, moving closer.

“Not so fast. Go wash your hands.”

“Oh, right.” Viviane scrambles off the bed and trots to the bathroom.

“You’re mean,” Madeline smiles, eyes closed. “When exactly did you last wash your hands?”

“Shh. Recently. Let her be conscientious.”

Viviane returns, her hands moist.

“Okay,” Jefferson nods. “Come sit next to me.”

Viviane sits at his left.

“Now, give me your hand.” Jefferson takes two of Viviane's fingers, and guides then under his own into Madeline's body. “See, in and up, slowly. Follow me now, under my fingers.”

“Okay.” Viviane’s fingers slip in easily. Madeline sighs.

“Now, do you feel where I’m pressing?”

“I do.”

“That’s your spot. And you are ready to solo.” Jefferson removes his fingers.

Viviane had never touched a woman.

Within a few moments, she gives a woman an orgasm.

Madeline has spread her legs wide; Viviane holds one aloft.

Viviane watches as Jefferson’s cock vanishes into Madeline, surfacing only slightly before being submerged again.

Madeline’s face is flushed. She seems beyond reach, under his control.

“Shut up, you are doing as we say!”

Madeline is on her knees, her arms back on her hips.

Jefferson looks up at her, and laughs. “Oh, is that so?” he says, mocking her efforts as a dominatrix.

Viviane pulls the rope tighter on his wrists. “Is that comfortable?” she asks.

“A little too loose,” he says, pulling his hands free. “Are you even trying?”

Madeline spanks his hip. Jefferson laughs.

“Just do it again,” Madeline says, offering encouragement to Viviane. “We’ll wipe that smirk off his face.”

“Cocky bastard,” Viviane scowls. She pulls a knot tight.

“Hey!” Jefferson complains.

“Leave it,” Madeline instructs. “And gag him. He talks too damn much.”

A bandana is tied around Jefferson’s head, cutting into his open mouth.

“Now, let’s see about that ass of his.”


“I think he may be asking for the strap on,” Viviane teased.

“Mmpff mmpff!”

“All things in time,” Madeline says, her fingers stuffing a line of beads into a condom.

Viviane pulls Jefferson’s legs back. She greases his hole with a torrent of lube.

“Think that is enough?” she asks Madeline.

“More than sufficient.” Madeline takes he condom into her fingers and threads it, bead by bead, into Jefferson.

“Mrppmff . . .” Jefferson’s tongue emerges from the gag, pushing it down. “Drat’s nod sro bat.”

“Yeah, take it like a man,” Viviane teases, a hint of malice in her voice.

“I’d rike do zee you drake id rike a nan.”

“I’m sure you would,” Viviane laughs. “Too bad you aren’t in charge right now, huh?”

Jefferson turns to her and glares.

“Now, wait a sec here,” Madeline admonishes.

“Dret de drap od.”

“The strap on?”

“But id ond.”

Madeline reaches for her dildo and harness. “You want me to fuck you, sweetheart?”

“Nob. Doo are doing do nuck Bibiane.”

Madeline smiles.

A look of concern crosses Viviane’s face.

Viviane’s face is soon full of cock.

Viviane is face down and ass up, her pussy filled by Madeline’s thrusts.

Three faces in bliss.

They found their places.

Jefferson slows his thrusts, looking down at Madeline.

The rise and fall of her rib cage is her only motion.

She is spent. He pulls out.

Jefferson smiles at her, like a father who has tucked a baby into bed.

He checks the clock. Nearly ten.

He had fucked Madeline for a little over forty minutes.

He pulls off the condom and tosses it to the floor.

He reaches for another, his eyes turning to Viviane.

He had not uttered a word since waking.


W. S. Cross said...

Very nicely told, and quite refreshing. The usual threesome stories are so stale, but this one has the ring of truth, and of course, I am a big fan of Viviane, though have not had the pleasure to meet her other than in cyberspace.

Madeline Glass said...

Oh, Sweet Viviane...

Your fan base has just increased exponentially.

Put the young Anna Mae Wong on alert. I feel a screenplay coming on.


Danie said...

Finally, a new story. I was having to resort to having sex of my OWN, g'damnit.

This was beautifully written, sweetie.


plum said...

Wonderful post.mmmnnn...Jefferson you may be a master but Madelaine and Viviane are your match--and sound so hot together!

Stanley said...

Lovely! So, where can we rent this Viviane Video? ;-)

exile said...

it's so nice to see viv on the show!

(but i'll bet it's nicer in person)

xdarkangelx said...

Jefferson, iv'e been toying with the notion of contacting you for some time. Im younger than most of your playmates, but of a similar mindset... I appreciate the new life you have created for yourself and think I might like to be a part of it. Let's talk.

Jefferson said...

Thanks for the kind comments, folks, It's good to be back.

Remember that you can also read accounts of these tale at Madeline in the Mirror, and get to know what fascinates Viviane at Viviane's Sex Carnival.

xdarkangelx (and other readers so inclined) are welcome to contact me via email at This email link is always available at my profile.

Happy reading!

A.Cat said...

Awesome story! Nice to see at the end you said 40 minutes, maybe my hubby can learn a few things from reading your posts.

Viviane said...

W.S., of course it has the ring of truth. It was real sex, between people who are very fond of each other.

Madeline, what is there that I haven't said to you? Perhaps Joan Chen or Maggie Cheung are available.

Stanley and Exile, enjoy the posts of me here while you can. There won't be many of them. I'm off-blog unless there are really interesting or unusual circumstances, like Madeline's visit. But there are a few more coming...