Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cinema Madeline

Camera close up on the face of a woman (MADELINE), eyes closed, turned to her left as she reclines on a pillow.

Her face is flushed and shines; her bobbed hair clings to her face with sweat.

Her grey eyes flutter open. She turns to her right.

Cut to her perspective.

Madeline watches the couple next to her as they fuck. The man (JEFFERSON) moves gently into the woman (VIVIANE), caressing her face with his hand. Her mouth is open, her eyes closed.

Madeline props herself on an elbow. Her other hands travels down her hip. She absentmindedly moistens a finger in her pussy, freshly wet from fucking Jefferson for most of the past hour.

She retrieves the finger, her tongue pulling it into her mouth.

Look at him kiss Viviane, she thinks. And the way his body moves.

He’s like another man when he is with her.

She notices he is very quiet. Did he speak when he fucked her? She can’t recall.

It is late on the first of two nights the three friends will spend having sex.

Madeline has stepped out of the bedroom.

Jefferson and Viviane begin to kiss.

He is on her. She pulls him close.

He pulls back, looking down at her. He opens the drawer of a nightstand, and pulls out a condom.

Slowly, gently, he is in her. She gasps.

He fucks her with a repetitive thrust of his hips. Undulating, superficial, light.

She grasps the flesh of his ass, pulling.

He does not alter his motion. He thinks of ripples.

Her body begs for waves. She craves tsunamis.

Jefferson looks up to see Madeline leaning in the doorway, watching. Her hand is between her legs, another cupping a breast.

He smiles at her, unsure if she can see his smile in the candlelight. He looks down at Viviane, poised for more than he has offered.

He will give it to her.

Jefferson leans forward to take a breast in his mouth. He sucks until he finds the mark. He bites.

“Unnh,” Viviane moans. Then: “Okay, okay, okay.”

He relents, pulling his mouth away.

For only a moment.

He lunges to the other breast. He licks flesh. Tasting the spot he seeks, he bites.

Until: “Okay, okay, okay. Shit.”

He pulls back, pulling out as he stands beside the bed.

He reaches forward, taking Viviane’s hips in his hands.

He pulls her toward him, to the edge of the bed.

He pushes back her legs.

He grasps his cock, roughly, as though it belonged to someone else.

He looks down at Viviane’s face, then down to her cunt.

He pushes in.

She exhales, hard, through her nostrils, abruptly inhaling in reaction.

He is standing on the floor, his cock pushing down into her.

She can have her tsunamis.

Jefferson fucks her hard and fast.

When she is pushed back on the bed, he takes her hips and pulls her back to get her fucking.

Madeline watches, masturbating, cumming.

Madeline sits up on the bed, and leans forward. Her fingers vigorously massage her scalp, pulling the hair away from her face. She exhales, blowing up to catch a few errant strands.

She fingers Jefferson’s spine for a moment, then rises, leaving her friends to their sex.

She walks unsteadily to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator, and takes a slug of orange juice straight from the carton.

Her eyes catch sight of the clock.

Damn, she thinks. We didn’t sleep at all.

She lets the cold air of the open refrigerator dry her body, using the door as a fan.

Refreshed by the juice, she pours a tall glass of water, drinking as she walks back to the bedroom.

Her eyes are back to the couple on the bed. Her eyes roam down Jefferson’s legs to his feet.

Last night, in an inspired moment, Madeline had straddled his big toe, fucking it as he fucked Viviane.

Does it still taste like me, she wonders, taking his toes into her mouth.

Madeline opens her hips, giving Viviane more room.

“Does this feel okay?” Viviane asks.

“Yes, honey, that is just right . . .” she says, her voice calm and assuring.

“Good.” Viviane nods, pressing her fingers into Madeline’s cunt.

Jefferson watches, touching and kissing Madeline’s torso.

He nods as he feels her body tense. “Yes, baby,” he whispers. He wet a finger in his mouth. He touches her clit.

Viviane looks up, instinctively prepared to surrender her position.

“No, you are fine,” he says. “Let me join you.”

He moves, crouching behind Viviane, wrapping an arm around her body and pressing close.

His other arm extends alongside Viviane’s, his hand joining hers at Madeline’s body.

Viviane’s two fingers massage inside her friend’s body, as her other hand massages a thigh.

Jefferson’s thumb pushes and swirls Madeline’s clit, flicking it gently.

Madeline’s thigh flinches in Viviane’s palm.

Jefferson’s fingers begin to join Viviane’s inside her body.

Her mind was slipping away. She could make out words, barely audible.

“Yes, like that . . . now, rest your palm in mine . . . good. See that space in your palm? Put your thumb there . . .”

“What are you doing to me?” Madeline moans. “How much? How many?”

“Um . . . “ Jefferson replies. “Let me count . . .”

“Shit!” Viviane answers. “Nine!”

“Well, ten actually,” he corrects. “Counting Viviane’s other thumb. Eleven if you count my thumb in your ass.” He pauses a moment. “Okay, twelve.”

Madeline had stopped listening.

Her hips are in charge now, pushing up and forward.

“Okay, get ready,” Jefferson warns, adjusting his body to brace Viviane. “Stay with her, now.”

He pushes his arm gently; Viviane moves in concert.

Madeline wails, her body twisting.

“Jesus . . .” Viviane marvels, as a torrent streams between her fingers, collecting in her palm.

Madeline stretches as her body convulses.

“Give it, baby,” Jefferson encourages, his voice raspy.

“You are so beautiful now,” Viviane says.

Madeline moans, gone now.

“I’m not sure she can hear us,” Jefferson whispers in Viviane’s ear.

“She knows we are here,” Viviane whispers back.

Having had her fill of Jefferson’s foot twitching in her mouth, Madeleine settles into a chair by the window.

Sunlight filters through the blinds, covering the bed with the stripes of shadows. She watches the naked flesh of her friends, wrapped around one another.

She sips her water, breathing, listening to her breath, listening to their breath, mentally playing with the overlapping rhythms of inhaling, exhaling, gasping.

She measures her breathing, thinking of control.

Her eyes drift to the rope dangling over the door.

“Okay, now I want to tie up Maddie.”

It is late on the second of two nights the three friends will spend having sex.

Viviane is feeling antsy, concerned that time is short and they have neglected opportunities for bondage.

“I’d like that,” Madeline agrees. “But this time, I’d like to be standing.”

“Standing, huh?” Jefferson asked, looking around the room. “Fine by me, but where . . . oh wait.”

Jefferson opens a cabinet, collecting a length of rope. He measures it across the length of his outstretched arms—good, he thinks, three yards ought to do.

He opens the closet, and pushes aside shirts and jackets to expose the metal bar. He lashes the rope to the bar.

“I can’t stand in your closet, darling,” Madeline says. “The bar is too low.”

“You won’t be in my closet, dear.” Jefferson raises the rope over the closet door, closing it in place. “You will hang from the door jam.”

“Aren’t you clever?” she kisses him.

“I am, indeed.”

“Okay kids, but I get to tie her up,” Viviane says, stepping forward.

Jefferson stands aside.

Viviane directs Madeline to stand facing the door.

Madeline complies, raising her hands over her head, her wrists one over the other.

Viviane stands on her toes, securing the crossed wrists.

Jefferson watches, growing hard.

“Now, relax your knees,” Viviane says. Madeline goes limp.

The rope holds.

Dropping down had pushed out Madeline’s ass, making it an irresistible target.

Viviane does not resist. Her palm falls hard on firm flesh.

“Unh!” Madeline sighs.

Another spank follows. Another.

Red prints begin to form on Madeline’s flesh.

Viviane is near to pacing.

“I want the riding crop!” she demands. “Where is it?”

“It’s in the closet, sweetheart,” Jefferson says.

“Oh shit.”

Madeline’s slumped form blocks the door.

“Here, we can get it,” Madeline offers. “Let me help.” She stands up on her toes and steps back. “Can you open the door now?”

“Li’l bit,” Jefferson says, opening the door a crack and reaching. He crouches, tongue on his lips as he visualizes the closet interior.

“Got it!”

“Good, now let me see that,” Viviane says, reaching for the crop. “And close the closet door!”

“Yes, mistress,” Jefferson laughs, moving aside.

“I mean, please.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Madeline returns to position. She receives a succession of steady whacks.

Welts begin to show.

Jefferson watches, amused, aroused.

The crop continues to find its mark.

Madeline moans and squirms in pleasure, her face pressed against the louvered door.

Viviane stands back, surveying her work with satisfaction.

She turns to Jefferson. She catches his eye and looks at his erection.

“So,” Viviane asks, feeling her oats. “You going to fuck her with that thing?”

Jefferson put down his bourbon. “If you can watch where you swing that crop,” he says. “I’d very much like to fuck her ass.”

“Oh, I think I’d like that,” Madeline says.

“I’d like to see that,” Viviane agrees.

Jefferson was already unwrapping a condom. He nods to a bottle of lube. “Get her prepped, if you would be so kind,” he says.

Viviane tosses the crop onto a chair and takes the bottle. She generously lubes Madeline’s hole and cheeks.

“Over here too, if you don’t mind,” Jefferson says. Viviane strokes his cock with lube.

He thanks her.

He takes Madeline’s hip in one hand, his cock in another. He directs the head to her hole.

“Now honey, I’m going to give it to you nice and slow at first,” he says, entering her. “But after that beating you took, I do intend to fuck you like my prison bitch. That all right?”

“Yes, just fuck me, please, you god damned tease.”

“That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble,” he shoots back, thrusting forward.

His hands push down on her hips as he kicks her feet to the side. She spreads her legs until her ass was the optimal height to take her fucking.

He warms her up, nice and slow, as promised.

Viviane holds Madeline in an embrace, kissing her, fondling her breasts.

In time, Jefferson slaps haunches.

He kicks in.

He gives it. Fierce.

She takes it, pushing back for more, letting forth a guttural moan.

“Good girl,” he commends. He slaps her ass, firm. Short slaps followed, then again, firm.

He grabs the flesh of her ass. Using fists full of her skin as handles, he pulls her back to his volleys.

She now gets fucked on his command.

“Viviane!” he barks.

“Yes?” she says, from her place at Madeline’s face.

“Get your crop. Get it now.”

Madeline watches as Viviane and Jefferson continue. Did we fuck this long, she wonders. It’s been, what, over half an hour.

Fuck, she realizes. That’s like an hour and a half for him, nonstop.

Their faces are red and beaded with sweat.

Viviane looks at her and smiles. Madeline leans her head to one side, smiling back.

Viviane beckons. Madeline stands and comes forward to kiss her.

Viviane returns her kiss, her hand reaching up Madeline thigh.

Madeline stands, lowering her cunt onto Viviane’s fingers.

Finding his lover so close, Jefferson reaches an arm around her shoulder, pulling her mouth to his.

Looking up, Viviane sees the kiss. Her hand feels the tremble of Madeline’s body. Her own pussy is filled by Jefferson.

A completed circuit.

She grunts, cumming loudly.

Madeline pushes down onto Viviane’s hand, pulling away from Jefferson’s mouth.

Her hand rests on his shoulder, keeping the circuit alive.

He pushes shallow and quick at Viviane.

Madeline gasps in orgasm, grasping Viviane’s forearm in support.

“Okay, fuck,” Jefferson says, breaking his silence. “I’m cumming.”

They had fucked until five-thirty in the morning before collapsing.

He’s held out for so long since waking.

Finally, he lets loose in Viviane’s body.

He cums and trembles until he can no longer take her touch.

Madeline falls back into a chair.

Jefferson collapses beside Viviane.

Viviane’s limbs go numb.

They pant, filling their lungs, finally.

Madeline looks at Jefferson. He smiles.

The three feel the morning settling upon them.

Their bodies return to room temperature.

Their pulses are reset to clock ticks.

“So, kids,” Viviane says. “Dim sum?”


Anonymous said...

God, that Viviane is one sensual woman. Does she think about anything besides food or sex?

anonymous ii said...

And Madeline?
Seems like she forgoes food and just has sex.
That girl is some kind of hot.

Anonymous said...

after reading quite a bit, nobody has this much sex and manages a life on top of it... my guess is your "work" is your "writing" (blog)... it just reeks of a.n. roquelaure ("beauty...")... entertaining, but HTB.... you go grrl...

Jefferson said...

Unmasked again!

Sorry to say so, Anonymous, but you have not uncovered yet another alias for Anne Rice.

No fiction 'round these parts--it's all true.

As others have testified, it is entirely possible to have a life with loads of adventurous sex.

However much it costs me in time that might be spent watching television.

Or studying web slang . . . what is "HTB?"

Anonymous said...

oh, god... i so wanna live vicariously through your decadence (and i do!)... but it's so "hard... to believe".

kiss kiss, bang bang.

Jefferson said...

Ah, of course. "Hard to believe."

Well, I hear you, Anonymous: I find it hard to believe myself.

How often do I sit up in bed, surrounded by naked flesh, and say, "This is hard to believe!"

I can't wait to say:

"This is H to the B!"

Viviane said...

What's hard to believe? That it happened? We all three experienced it, and two of us blogged it. We had the bruises and bites to prove it. What, we need a deposition to prove it actually occurred?

And Anne Rice hasn't used that pseudonym since the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

lo siento mi amor... te creo...

i only said it was HTB, not impossible. and that the writing reminded me of the "beauty" series. the writing is wonderful, and the sex is awesome. i'll accept photographic evidence in lieu of a deposition. hehe... :)

have fun and keep playing safe !!!

Anonymous said...

found you through viviane and the fleshbot. blog on, baby.