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Miss me?

Thanks to everyone who has written to express concern about the sudden disappearance of One Life, Take Two. Unfortunately, this blog was discovered by my ex-wife Lucy, and, as predicted, she has filed for full custody of our children. We’re in the midst of sorting this out in the courts and, as you might guess, my sexuality and blog are the basis of her legal complaint.

Thankfully, there is community support for parents in this situation. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Lambda Legal have been very helpful, and the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund has established a legal defense fund dedicated to this case. This fund is critical, as Lucy and her family are relying on their great financial advantage. (Marrying rich? Awesome! Divorcing the rich? Not so much.) While there is every reason to be optimistic about a favorable outcome, it is imperative to have funds in order to achieve that goal.

To that end, an ad-hoc committee has been formed. The Friends of Jefferson will organize fundraising appeals and issue statements as the case goes forward. These statements are approved by my legal eagles.

Donations to the legal fund are tax deductible. The fund is administered by the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, and every cent goes to support the legal effort. However, you must specify that your donation is earmarked for the Jefferson Legal Defense Fund.

I would very much appreciate your help in getting the word out about the legal defense fund. Please feel free to distribute the Friends of Jefferson logo and appeals. However, I ask that you otherwise refrain from discussing this case and my blog. I know that for some, gossiping about Jefferson is popular pastime, and this is juicy blog fodder. But for now, please keep in mind: this is about three children.

Once the dust settles, everyone can go back to stalking my sex life and discussing the complex issues around this case. But while this case is before the court, know that your every blog post, comment and tweet is essentially an email to opposing counsel. Your opinion is your own, but it can interfere with the one that matters most, and that is the opinion of the State of New York. Please allow the court the time to decide this matter.

One Life, Take Two will include the appeals and updates of the Friends of Jefferson Committee. You can reach the FoJ at


An important member of the sex-positive community urgently needs our help.

Jefferson—blogger, educator, and dear friend to so many of us—is at this moment fighting a court battle with his ex-wife, who is seeking full custody of their three children.

Jefferson’s love for his children has been well-documented on his blog One Life, Take Two for years. His ex-wife has stated in court that he is a “great” father who loves his children.

However, among her claims is that his bisexuality makes him an unfit parent.

Jefferson needs our help now. As a writer, his resources are limited. The costs of fighting this case are mounting quickly—and will certainly run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

As of today, there is an urgent and immediate need for at least $20,000 to cover costs associated with attorney fees and those of the law guardian who has been appointed to represent the children.

If he is unable to pay these fees by August 11, he will be forced to relinquish custody of his children.

This case is of concern to anyone whose sexuality does not fit the standard mold—because it could happen to you. This case is of concern to all writers, because Jefferson’s blog is being used as evidence against him—and that could have repercussions for our First Amendment rights.

Here’s how to help:

Make an ANONYMOUS, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution to Jefferson’s legal defense by visiting the Sexual Freedom Defense and Education Fund at:

Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund

There you will find out how to donate to Jefferson’s Defense Fund via PayPal or if you prefer, check or money order.

Please note that you MUST mention that your donation be used for the JEFFERSON LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

One Life, Take Two has been relaunched with information about Jefferson’s ongoing case. Be sure to visit his blog for updates. In the meantime, you can contact Friends of Jefferson directly at

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