Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Kissed A Boy

I Kissed A Boy

I Kissed A Boy is a new anthology of stories about first encounters between men. I contributed a true story about the last kiss I shared with the first boy I kissed. It’s a story about two straight boys in love, and how a love that confused us as teenagers would endear us to one another for life. We were open about loving one another—even now, this strikes me as remarkable, given when and where we grew up—and, as the story relates, our affection was always noted by our friends and families, and even by our future spouses. You'll need to get out your hankies for this one.

The stories in I Kissed A Boy are by turns arousing and moving, and include some great romantic writing. Enjoy!

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Goddess Linda said...

I saw a video of Leonardo diCaprio kissing a much older, yet still handsome, guy. Leo looked like he truly enjoyed it! I found it arousing. Bi-sexuals of either gender are awesome. (Yes, might as well include Trannies, too!)