Friday, May 30, 2008


Sorry folks, no Sex Blog Roundup this week. I was running late and Fleshbot headquarters closed early. I must get accustomed to sex’s summer schedule. Please pass my white loafers.

Still, those of you who enjoy stalking me will find plenty to read.

Mariella ponders the new reality of sucking her first real live dick, trying to navigate the boundaries between “just right” and “lap full of puke.”

Bianca, craving romance within a relationship, puts aside other opportunities for sex—although she does grandfather Tilda and me into her contract.

Wendy runs into me at a party as she contemplates anal sex and brass balls.

Alice flunks a test I insisted she take, to her confused relief.

Bridget tells us more about daily life with her fine husband, wondering at his friendship with me.

While in Chicago for Shibaricon, I met a long-time reader of our blogs. We wound up taking Mariel back to our hotel room for tits—in the flesh, not on the radio—and lacings.

In other stalking news, my experiment with Twitter goes much as expected. I’ve been chided for Twittering when I had not first answered email, seen my cock blogged in real time, and read along with Rachel Kramer Bussel’s every cupcake. Next: live webcam feeds as I brush my teeth, twice daily.

This week, I read Bridget Jones’s Diary, which I found collecting dust as I was packing for my recent move. I had never read it, nor have I seen the movie, much less the sequels. Not my cuppa, really, but still, v.g. for riding the tube. Durr!

Putting the book away, I squeezed it into place on my fiction shelves, which are arranged alphabetically by author. Just as Bridget bounces between Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy, perhaps Helen Fielding will keep things light between William Faulkner and Jonathan Franzan. Sort of like Abby Lee and Stan Lee are cutting it up in the middle of nonfiction.


Wendy Blackheart said...

(psst, you forgot to actually link to my post)

Also, if you're going to get a live feed going, I'd rather see naked dishwashing than toothbrushing, personally.

Anna Smash said...

The alphabet can be funny like that. I have a friend who has a collection of T.S. Eliot's works shelved next to Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues.

aisforalisha said...

I just read b.j.d. again, too! love that book. and the second book is better than the second movie.

mmm cupcakesand abby lee.
btw. I was going to bring jenna jameson's book with me when I came down, but I forgot.. good thing because it's heavy and I ended up not stopping in nyc at all on this trip. I miss sinclair's reading too. :(

sorry we couldn't line up our schedules. :(

next time? I might come down for pride! :)

Estra said...

Totally unrelated to this post - Thanks for all the porn links on the left! I've never really liked looking at porn/naked people who I'm not bangin, but I have to say, I LOVE goddess! Hooray naked ladies!

Bianca said...

Ah yes, I may be putting sex on hold but I still have some sex stories up my sleeve. I believe that is the one benefit to being a procrastinator.