Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lillie, Don't Write a Song

My eight-year-old daughter Lillie wrote a song this week that speaks to the power of music—or perhaps to the power of stasis? Goes a little something like this:


Oh dear, Lillie, don’t write a song!
It will burn my ears off
Oh yeah, now!

Oh dear, Lillie, don’t write a song!

Repeat chorus

So Lillie, don’t write a song!

I think you know why—
You don’t?!

Repeat chorus

It may be fun
But it probably most likely

Repeat chorus THREE times


Bridget said...

Guess what I want to hear? Over and over and over again?

Also, what's that other song Jason made up a year or so ago?

Dang. I'm old. Though not as old as you. ;)

heh heh heh.

Mia said...

Writing a song about NOT writing a song? Is this some sort of 8 year-old meta-music trickery? Just can't trust these kids nowadays because they're too smart for my 20-something brain.

Viviane said...

Srsly, it's time to get head shots for the girl.

Ace said...

That's like a poem I once wrote in high school. Our english teacher was like, write a poem of any kind of went like this, "I'm not a poet and I know it. I like to go to rodeos and I have a cousin who can make me laugh." Lo and behold, the poem got printed in the school newspaper. So, I having a feeling that this will be a hit!

Anonymous said...

I assume you took the liberty of creating the line breaks yourself? I hope they stay true to the original meter of the song. She knows about repetition. No rhymes, but some good assonance. That shit's punk rock, man.

I especially like the bridge:

So Lillie, don’t write a song!

I think you know why—
You don’t?!

Tilda said...

That's pretty awesome. Oh yeah, now!

Jocasta said...

That's right up there with the song my niece came up with at the age of 4 or 5.

Shake it over here!
Shake it over there!
Shake it everywhere!
In your underwear!

(Must be done in underwear with appropriate shaking of rear end)

A said...

First off, 'It may be fun/But it probably most likely/Won’t' is very Lennonesque.

Secondly, it knocks the wheels off of what my 4 year-old wrote:

Evan is a little cowboy
He just shot the guitar
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Shot a wall with a bullet
And made a hole in the wall
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Evan is a little cowboy

This song, with my accompaniment on guitar, was my ringtone for the longest.

Bianca said...

I wish I could hear it cause those lyrics are damn catchy!