Sunday, January 27, 2008

Humanity Falls Into Chaos

One of the most awesome things about sex with straight boys is hearing "the talk" afterwards. The talk usually includes the phrases "yeah, it felt good, but it was weird," "that was hot, but, dude, you know, I'm not gay," and, if you are lucky, "so, you're not telling anybody, right?"

I hate to tell you how often I heard the talk back in high school.

But even I never garnered the phrase "if guys start fucking each other, then all of the sudden, humanity falls into chaos." This fellow's boyfriend in Queens must be really, really amazing if his catastrophic blowjobs can threaten civilization as we know it.

Can someone give him my number?


Janie Blooms said...

"Women are productive livers."

Friggin' hipsters. Yeesh. Smile! What's the use of crying? Smile!

Tilda said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually talk out of their ass so well. That takes real talent.

How can you be "actively non-responsive?" Someone should tell him that shirt of his is pretty gay, the poor douche-bag.

I do agree that Michael Cera is really funny.

Cody said...

Hey, dude.

Hey, bro.

Bernard said...

What an idiot. And yet, somehow, I really, really wanna fuck him.

Jefferson said...

Bernard, if you want to fuck this straight bro, it's apparently all about karaoke and apparently a cab ride to Queens. Apparently, he'll pay for the cab.