Tuesday, March 01, 2011


When I began organizing sex parties eight years ago, part of my impetus for doing so came from the necessity of filling a void. To the best of my knowledge, there were no ongoing parties welcoming of bisexual men. Most events for men and women held to a rigid double standard: women were presumed to be bisexual, whether or not they were, and men were prohibited from touching other men. My friends and I wanted a space where we could be open about our sexuality and so we created a space of our own.

Now, the good folks behind Chemistry have started Biochemistry, a party for bisexual/bi-curious men and the women who love them. I plan to be a regular and I’m talking it up with my friends.

Come join us! You need to be a Chemistry member to attend. Fill out the form below and submit it to thelist@chemistry-nyc.com. Do so now and perhaps I’ll see you at the next party.

Tell ‘em Jefferson sent you.

Thanks for your interest in Chemistry! Chemistry is a private membership club. We'd like to get to know a bit about you. Please answer the following questions thoughtfully. Your responses will not be shared with anyone. Note that each individual must submit an application.

What is your first name?

What decade were you born in?

If you are single, tell us how you feel about that. If you are in a committed relationship, tell us about it.

Do you plan on attending your first Chemistry party with a date? If so, please give his/her first name and email address.

Tell us about yourself (work, goals, interests, dreams, etc.). How would you describe your personality?

What is your favorite non-sexual hobby, past or present? Why?

What is your philosophy on sex? What role does sexuality play in your life?

Have you been to on-premise erotic parties before? If so, which one(s), and what did you like/dislike about them? If not, what is motivating you to attend one now?

What elements and characteristics would make a perfect night at Chemistry for you?

How did you find out about Chemistry? Please be specific (i.e., which friend, article, etc.). Jefferson's "One Life, Take Two" blog

Would you like to receive invites to our New York parties, our Philadelphia parties, or both?

Please send a G-rated photo.


e jerry said...

I was a bit curious as to how BioChemistry took off, if it did, because not much has been made of it since.

Jefferson said...

Biochemistry continues apace, convening every month or so. I don't routinely announce it here, as it's not my event, but I support the endeavor and certainly enjoy attending. For updates and more information, submit the form in this post to the organizers. Enjoy!