Thursday, November 18, 2010


Madison Young

Madison Young is one of my favorite people to see naked. Normally, I find her at or on her own website, but this week, I found her in Leila’s living room, loaned to Madison for use in a film shoot. In between takes, we talked babies (she’s five months pregnant) and art, as we were each influenced by some of the same artists, particularly feminist performance artists such as Marina Abramović and Carollee Schneemann.

Mama Madison loved the Eames chair. In fact, during the shoot she made love to the Eames chair so intently that, in some states, she'd be married to it.

We laughed a good deal. My foot was happy to share the spotlight with her grin. Perhaps one day, Madison will be as famous as my foot on the Internet.

After the porn shoot, we went off to Madison’s baby shower. Parents and perverts, that's what we do.


Mistress L said...

Ahh...nothing like seeing a firey red-head make love to a plastic chair hehe. She has an infectious smile though!

findingme said...

There's nothing sexier to me than a pregnant woman with leather cuffs on..I had no idea she was even pregnant..Any more pics from that shoot?