Monday, April 20, 2009


A journalism student assigned to write a profile of an interesting person asked me to be his subject. I agreed. He followed me around for a weekend, subsequently interviewing some of my friends as well as myself. Here is the result; fingers crossed for an A.

A family man and a sexual genie, Jefferson is someone who in a way embodies human sexuality in its freest state. With pale skin, blue eyes, a receding hairline and a relatively slim frame, Jefferson doesn't really seem like your average ladies’ man. However, despite his appearance, he has more girlfriends than fingers and toes and leads quite an interesting double life. On one side of the coin, he a loving father of four children, an ex-husband and writer. On the other side, he is a ladies’ man, a “dom,” a sexual fanatic of sorts and a “genie of the sexual fantasy lamp.”

Jefferson was born in the Deep South. His first sexual experience with a girl that he can remember was way back when he was just four years old. One day his babysitter came to him while he was down for a nap. She put his hand on her vagina and began to masturbate with it. Then she left and he took a nap. As far as he knew in terms in sexual experience, you rub your hand between a girl's legs on something that feels like a Brillo pad, it gets wet and she begins to make scary noises. This was just the start.

His next sexual experience was with this girl named Roxanne who was always following him around. One day he went to his friend's house and Roxanne followed him there. Incidentally, the parents weren't home so all three got into bed with the lights off. From there Roxanne started to play around with him as did his friend, unknowingly. Once his friend found out though, he promptly left the room. It was dark, it was wet, it was fast. He may have lost his virginity . . .

He would apparently lose his virginity about two more times and have plenty more sexual experiences in his high school year and college years with both guys and girls. Once word got around that he put out, he became the go-to guy for that sort of thing. Kinky girlfriends, a boyfriend here and there, Jefferson lived out his college years frequently having sex with anyone who caught his attention, even members of the faculty. He also wrote papers and painted things while he was at college.

His powers as a sex genie started after his divorce when he accidentally had an orgy at his place. He attended an underwear party in Brooklyn and afterward, one girl said “What I'd like to do is go someplace else and get naked!” Naturally he said, “We can go back to my place.” So they headed back to his place and well, with a group of naked people dancing, something is bound to happen. They had an orgy. For the first time since adolescence, he and at least six other people he didn't even know were all having sex in the same room.

He came to know couples that happened to be swingers and, after getting to know this kind of crowd, he would use online sites to set up orgies. After telling a friend stories about the orgies, she suggested that he should start a blog. In Jefferson's own words “When you have sex with a lot of people and then you also have orgies, and have friends of friends, and then a blog, you start to develop this network of possibilities. So I just put the word out that if people want something arranged and I could do it, I'd be happy to do so.” And this is how he came to be a sort of sex genie. A man who has the power to fulfill people's deepest sexual fantasies.

From a staged rape to transforming a girl into a cake to be eaten and served, if Jefferson can do it, he will. One satisfied girlfriend, Lola, says that he made her feel very powerful sexually and he came at a time when she really needed someone like him. Another girlfriend, Nancy, had a several fantasies fulfilled, such as a few threesomes and sex in an office.

But Jefferson isn't all about sex. He also has children from his former marriage and one child from a previous relationship. Even though he and his wife got divorced for reasons entirely unrelated to his lifestyle (he was monogamous throughout the marriage), his marriage did come back to haunt him. His ex-wife discovered his sex life after reading about his blog in Time Out New York and tried to prevent him from seeing his children. But a person's sexuality isn't an indicator of his morality or character. Jefferson is a perfectly capable father and thankfully was able to retain joint custody of his kids.

With his lifestyle, certain relationships tend to get messy. He lets all his girls and guys know that he really isn't into monogamy at this point in is life but that still doesn't stop a few from wanting him all to themselves. This occasionally creates messy problems.

One thing that really stands out is how other people view Jefferson. Just about everyone he knows thinks he’s a really nice guy who cares about people He cares for his family and all of his partners.

Although he was born in the South, his very liberal, wanton sexual lifestyle is something that makes him seem like his place in here in New York. At least in this city, if people make noise complaints and walk into an apartment full of naked people, one nude girl go-go dancing, another being flogged, another being spanked and a lesbian threesome in the next room along with a blowjob gangbang, they'll just tell them to keep the noise down and probably wouldn't freak out.

I’ve been called many things, but a "sexual genie?" That’s new.

I particularly enjoyed the final paragraph. Reading this list of orgiastic activities, I thought at first that my young journalist was indulging in a flight of fancy. Then I recalled a party he’d attended at my side and recalled: why yes, that had been some night.

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