Monday, March 02, 2009

Lori Perkins

Thanks to Lori Perkins for contributing this letter in support of the literary and social merits of
One Life, Take Two.

To whom it may concern,

I have been a literary agent for the past twenty-one years, and an adjunct professor of journalism and publishing at New York University for two decades. I am also the author of four books and the editor of five anthologies.

I have followed Jefferson’s writing in One Life, Take Two since two thousand and six.

In my view, blogging has created a revolution in literature. The ability of authors to publish their own work has broken down barriers between writer and reader to such an extent that writers are able to immediately adapt to the responses of the audiences they create. Now and then, a writer comes along with an extraordinary understanding of his medium and his audience. I believe that Jefferson is just such an author.

Jefferson’s writing on parenting and sexuality has inspired a movement. Many other writers have begun to publish openly and honestly about their lives in both capacities, having learned from the insights and craft of Jefferson’s work. He has inspired them not only with his output but also directly from teaching and offering advice and encouragement when highlighting other writers in his weekly roundups of the best erotic writing he finds online. It is no exaggeration to say that in this literary movement, he combines the literary community of a Maxwell Perkins, the social center of a Gertrude Stein and the insider knowledge of a Walter Winchell.

Jefferson’s influence is most apparent in the blossoming of blogs about parents who write on sexuality and family life. These parents may be married or single, gay or straight, monogamous or polyamorous. But many can point to the example of Jefferson as a catalyst that led them to tell their stories.

Any curtailment of the work of this gifted, prolific and admired writer would be a setback for the community he has helped to create, and for literature at large. There is also no question that putting shackles on this author would be detrimental to his career and earning potential.


Lori Perkins

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