Friday, August 15, 2008


Thanks, everyone, for the supportive notes. I’m behind on email, but I’ll try to get back to each of you in time.

Thanks also for your support of the legal defense fund created by the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund. This week, that support helped us to retain a court-ordered legal guardian for the children. We may yet have a long way to go in this process, so thank you for your continued support.

My apologies to the legitimate journalists who have expressed interest in this case. While it is underway, I can only refer you to my attorney, who has her finger on the “no comment” trigger. Fortunately, you appreciate the situation, given the injunction of the code of journalistic ethics to “use special sensitivity when dealing with children.” Further:

Recognize that gathering and reporting information may cause harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance.

Only an overriding public need can justify intrusion into anyone’s privacy.

Show good taste. Avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.

Ethics matter, and good journalists appreciate that.

That said, I am taking this opportunity to announce that rumors are true. I am indeed dating Christie Brinkley. More to come on that as well.

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