Friday, May 04, 2007

Fleshbot and the Hub of Cool

This week’s Sex Blog Roundup at Fleshbot gets sensuous as we find all one-two-three-four-five (breath) senses working overtime.

Those of you who enjoy stalking me will find me offering a shoulder to my friend Selina as she grieves the end of a relationship.

It’s never easy.

Though sometimes it’s for the best, as when Lily inadvertently offended a cultist and lost him as a lover. In taking stock of things, she is heartened to recall that she does attract fellows such as myself who aren't quite so nuts.

Which is to say: compared to cultists, I’m pretty normal.

That may be why I function so well in unusual situations, as Cody reflects as she ponders a live sex show or two.

Evidently, it’s good to have such a staunch character around, as Lolita explained when she took me out to tea. She congratulated me on having passed the six-month review in my new career as her fuckbuddy. I didn’t even know a review was forthcoming! I really should read contracts before I sign.

A few days later, Lolita and I caught up with Annie Sprinkle at the opening of “Sex Worker Visions.” The exhibition of art by sex workers includes one of Annie Sprinkle’s glittery prints based on a vintage medical illustrations of female reproductive organs. Annie is in town with her main squeeze and collaborator Elizabeth Stevens to perform Exposed: Experiments in Love, Sex, Death and Art.

I kissed Annie’s cheek and paid my respects to her cleavage.

“Sex Worker Visions” was curated by the second busiest (and second bustiest!) woman in the sex biz, the mighty Audacia Ray. I asked Audacia what she had been up to lately, to which she replied, “The usual, you know.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said.

We fell quiet, watching people shuffle past artwork.

“So, I hear you’re working on a cool project,” Audacia said. “Madeline says it’s really awesome.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m very excited about it,” I nodded. “She tells me your book is due out soon.”

“Yep. June first.”

“That’s great.”

“It’s awesome.”

We stared off into space for a while.

“Madeline says she’s looking forward to being on your panel next month,” I noted.

“Yeah, that’s awesome. She says she’s looking forward to seeing you again.”

“Oh, tell her I said ‘me too.’”

“I will. And please tell her I’m glad she’s so excited about the panel.”

“Will do.”

We looked at each other for a while. There wasn’t much more to say, really. We each knew all the latest on the other.

Now that we have Madeline in common, Audacia and I save so much time in conversation.

Because that Madeline has a gift. She’s the hub of cool.

There are more things out there for the stalkers—it’s been a busy week—but those LiveJournal folks like to lock up the sexy bits of their posts, so don’t bother looking.

Oh, and for those who wondered: Jonathan got the job.


Anonymous said...

It could be worse... isn't Annie Sprinkles famous for gushing?

Just sayin'...

(Heh heh heh)

Viviane said...

She's the hub, alright.

Anonymous said...

please- madeline is not the hub of cool. she's not even cool. she's pretty drab, really.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the melodramatic intricacies of the sex blogosphere.

[rubs hands together]


Seriously, though--everyone needs to grow the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, be a lover not a hater.

Anonymous said...

Sex should seriously die.

And everyone is insane.

This either due to sex, or Jefferson, or both. But sex has a lot to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm blaming Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't love have anything to do with it, Cody?

Meta Fuller said...

Hub = conduit

not epitome.

All y'all need to study a bit harder.

Jefferson said...

Hub, first definition:

1. the central part of a wheel, as that part into which the spokes are inserted.

Y'all need to get a dictionary.

I like best the part about inserting spokes.

A nonny mouse said...

Hey -- anonymous commenter! Yes, you.

Just a note to tickle your ivories, and brighten your bleak, gloomy and probably lacklustre day:

Madeline is not drab. She's so bright, in fact, I gotta wear shades.

Oh, and you might want to check your entry for the actual meaning of the word "hub".

I'm just sayin'.

Jefferson, dear heart, my apologies for my errant comment. But something had to be said. That was just plain rude.


Anonymous said...

Um, NO.

Anonymous said...

I mean in response to love.

To clarify, for those who may not read all the way through and assume I'm responding to the alleged Madeline controversy.

Oh, the raw humanity of virtual existence.