Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Mitzi wanted to give me something special for my birthday.

Like most of my friends, she knows that I am generally more interested in experiences than things.

Bridget had given me a weekend in the country.

Anna had made me a nice dinner topped by a much-anticipated blowjob in my new chair.

Shelby had given me a tour of her life down home.

Mitzi put her mind to the task and came up with a fine idea: she would give me a submissive boy.

She did not take up this project lightly. She knows my ongoing frustration in finding a suitable candidate for this position.

One would think that the boy who serves as my submissive would be a lucky fellow. He may be granted many assignments that would enhance my life as a parent and pervert. He may be rewarded with my generous use of the strap, my creative finesse with discipline, my insatiable demands for sexual gratification.

And yet, most boys get distracted. They pony up as submissives only to gallop away once they take a spanking and get laid. They don’t get the idea that being submissive is not the provenance of thrill seekers. It takes dedication and responsibility.

Mitzi knew better that to spring a boy on me without my input. She knew there are some gifts that are not appropriate as surprises. Giving slaves is one of those acts of generosity best discussed in advance.

Once she had done some footwork, she let me in on her scheme.

Mitzi: I have a special surprise for your birthday. Do you want to know what it is?

Jefferson: You shouldn’t have! But if you’d care to share it, I’m all ears.

Mitzi: I’m finding you a submissive boy.

Jefferson: What a great idea! Thanks. But you may be beating your head against a brick wall. I’ve had bum’s luck shopping for one in my size.

Mitzi: I know, it ain’t easy. But I’ve uncovered a few guys who may work. You wanna see?

Jefferson: You’ve already found possibilities? Wow, you are on the ball.

Mitzi: Aw, thanks. Check your inbox.

Mitzi sent me her correspondence with the leading contenders, as well as their photographs. I was impressed to read back over her interactions.

She had combed online ads and put up several of her own.

She had garnered basic statistics and looked over photographs to ensure that each candidate would be a physical specimen appealing to my tastes. She knew I would want someone easy on the eyes.

She had explained the circumstances to each of the boys. Any submissive would need to be bisexual or bi-curious, and understand that while he may serve at an orgy, he is not to touch anyone except at my bidding.

Mitzi dismissed out of hand anyone who seemed more interested in sex with her than in serving me.

She had made it clear that I preferred a commitment to submission over a one-time encounter.

I went over the finalists Mitzi recommended. “Let me know if you want to see others,” she offered. “I can keep looking.”

I poured coffee and reviewed my options.

There was a Korean who was more interested in men than women, but was willing to be used in front of a mixed group.

There was a cute farm boy new to the city and eager for new experiences.

And then there was Benjamin.

Benjamin’s notes to Mitzi were respectful and humorous. He claimed very little experience with men or submission, but seemed to have a good attitude about undertaking this role.

His photograph looked great. He was standing on a rooftop in a leather jacket, squinting into the sun. His hair was black and longish. He had the air of a Dennis Leary type, minus the asshole attitude.

Jefferson: This Benjamin is a cute kid.

Mitzi: You like? He’s my favorite too. He says his hair is shorter now, so he looks a little different . . .

Jefferson: Shall we just go with Benjamin then? We can try him out before the orgy on my birthday. If he’s good, he can stay for the main event.

Mitzi: That’s all I need to hear. I’ll take care of it.

Jefferson: Thanks, Mitzi. That’s a great gift.

Mitzi: Of course, Jefferson. It’s my pleasure.

Mitzi arranged for Benjamin to meet us at my place before the orgy.

I hoped that Benjamin passed muster and we would allow him to stay, but I harbored some concerns about how well I could supervise a novice submissive while tending to other guests.

Mitzi offered to make the boy her responsibility.

We discussed details and made our plan.

There were late adjustments to this plan.

After Shelby returned me to the city that afternoon, we got to fooling around and she decided to stay for the orgy. That was unexpected, as she had come to eschew group sex. Still, she likes our friends, and it had been awhile since she had seen them, so she opted to stick around for a bit.

I let her know that Mitzi and I were planning to audition a submissive beforehand. Even better, Shelby said: she enjoys a good show.

I contacted Mitzi to clear this.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” she sighed. “Benjamin is held up at work. He can’t come before seven thirty.”

“The orgy starts around eight, though,” I pointed out. “Not much time to do anything with him.”

“Should I cancel him then?”

I pondered this. A submissive who can’t make a prearranged appointment may reasonably be dismissed. But it wasn’t his fault he had to work late, and above all, Mitzi had done so much work to make a present of him. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

I decided to go ahead.

“Good,” Mitzi said. “This should be fun! See you a little after seven.”

“Super, honey. See you then.”

I hung up and went back to making out with Shelby.

Seven o’clock rolled around. Mitzi arrived, a little nervous about her charge.

“I really hope you like him,” she said as we sat for drinks on the terrace.

“Above all, I appreciate your efforts on my behalf,” I said, my hand on her knee. “It’s a very thoughtful birthday gesture.”

“Yeah, and his picture was cute,” Shelby added. “As long as he’s not an asshole, it’s all good.”

The guests began to arrive. My friends were sweet about making the effort to attend my birthday orgy.

Dacia came with her boyfriend Seth; it was the first time he had been to one of our parties, and only the second time we had met. He was a little nervous. Dacia, for her part, was in fine form.

Farahnaz arrived, having left a class early to be with us. She looked stunning, as usual, apologizing as we bussed cheeks that she did not have time to truly dress up for such a special occasion.

Linda kissed hellos to Shelby, Mitzi and me before sidling up to Mark. It was her first time at one of my bisexual parties, and she was quick to appreciate the charms of the man we all refer to as mmmmm-Mark.

John arrived earlier than usual, along with a new couple he had recruited to join our gang. I had corresponded with Nicole and Giancarlo many times via email; it was nice to finally meet them in person.

The living room was filling up, but still no delivery of my birthday present.

Mitzi bit her thumb, anxious and peeved.

She jumped when there was another knock at the door.

“Hello,” she smiled as she opened the door. “You must be Benjamin? I’m Mitzi.”

“Nice to meet you, Mitzi,” Benjamin replied, looking around as he entered. “Sorry I’m so late. Work and all.”

“No problem. May I take your coat? I would like to take you to meet Jefferson.”

Mitzi hung Benjamin’s coat and walked him into the living room.

“Everyone?” she announced. “This is Benjamin. Benjamin, that’s Jefferson on the couch.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I stood, extending my hand.

“Nice to meet you,” he grinned. “Happy birthday.”


“Jefferson, may I see you in the kitchen?” Mitzi asked. “We can leave Benjamin to get settled.”

“Of course.” I stepped over Farahnaz’s legs and followed Mitzi to the kitchen.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Mitzi lowered her voice. “That is not the same boy as the photograph!” she fumed.

“What? Benjamin, you mean?”

“Yes! He sent a fake picture. He looks entirely different.”

“Are you sure?” I tried to match his face to the photograph I had seen. “I mean, he’s cute enough.”

“He looks like every boy I went to Hebrew school with,” she complained. “I should make him leave.”

“Well, now, hold on,” I said, taking her shoulders. “Maybe he will prove himself. I mean, I think he looks good, so let’s keep him around. All right?”

Mitzi looked up at me. “If you say so. He’s your gift anyway. It just pisses me off that he sent a fake picture.”

“That is bad behavior,” I agreed. “But let’s see how he pans out.”

I returned to the couch and sat next to Farahnaz.

“Oh, you remind me,” she said, reaching for her bag. “I have a little something for you, Jefferson.”

She produced a small envelope. Inside was a card featuring an Orientalist harem scene by Edwin Longsden Long. Farahnaz’s elegant script graced the card with the promise of a massage at my convenience.

“Oh, thank you!” I said, kissing her. “That’s the loveliest gift.”

“I am also all yours tonight, to do as you wish.” She waved her long hands over the length of her torso. “At least, until eleven, when I turn into a pumpkin.”

“That’s an even better offer,” I smiled.

“Yeah, I didn’t get you anything,” Dacia interjected. “And I’m not fucking you either.”

“I don’t expect anything from you except a whole lotta lip,” I jibed. “Anyway, who needs your crummy trinkets when I have a massage from Farahnaz and a submissive from Mitzi?”

“What submissive?” Dacia asked.

“Benjamin.” I indicated the tall boy across the room chatting with Mitzi. “He’s my toy tonight.”

“Really?” Farahnaz turned.

“Huh,” Dacia said. “What, and he’s just sitting there? You are a lousy dom.”

“You’re right, I could do better.” I raised my voice. “Benjamin? Could you come here, please?”

Benjamin quickly stood and approached the couch. “Yes, Jefferson?”

“Benjamin, these are my friends Dacia and Farahnaz. We would each enjoy a drink. Bourbon, ladies?”

“Just what I was thinking,” Dacia said.

“I really shouldn’t but . . . yes, please,” Farahnaz nodded.

“On the rocks, three fingers,” I instructed Benjamin. “You’ll find what you need in the kitchen.”

“Yes, of course, Jefferson.” Benjamin turned and left for the kitchen.

“He’s a cute toy,” Farahnaz admired.

“Yeah, if badly used,” Dacia teased.

I could see where this was going. I shared the couch with two other doms and they were eying my submissive.

“Back off, sisters,” I admonished. “He’s my birthday present.”

“You are good to share,” Farahnaz said.

“You are wasting him,” Dacia said.

“We’ll see,” I replied.

Benjamin returned with our drinks. He handed them over with care.

“Thank you, Benjamin,” I said, taking a sip. “Now, would you mind undressing?”

“Of course. Here?” he asked, looking around at the room at the expectant faces.

“Yes, please,” I nodded. “I want to look at you.”

Benjamin unbuttoned his shirt and put it in chair. He pulled off a t-shirt and unfastened his pants. He stooped to remove his socks. He stood, wearing only underwear.

“All of it, please,” I gestured.

Benjamin stepped out of his underwear, tossing them into his pile of clothes.

“Turn around, please,” I asked. Benjamin raised his hands and turned so that I could survey his nude body.

He had a lean physique, with a strong upper body and a thick stout cock.

“Not bad, right?” I asked Shelby.

“Yeah, he’s all right,” she nodded.

I smiled at Mitzi.

“Benjamin, I’d like you to massage my feet, please,” I said. I stretched my legs over Farahnaz’s thighs and propped my feet in Dacia’s lap.

Dacia scrunched her nose. “Oh hush,” I said. “They’re clean.”

Benjamin dropped to his knees and took my feet in his palms, his eyes momentarily distracted by Dacia’s fishnets under my heels.

His hands were strong, though he trembled slightly.

I took another sip of my bourbon, enjoying his nervousness. Here he was, nude in a room of clothed people he didn’t know, rubbing the feet of a man he had just met but had committed to serve for the evening.

Not bad for his first half hour as my sub.

“I hope you enjoy your foot massage, great white master,” Farahnaz said. “Afterwards, I am making you my first of the evening. My day’s virginity is also my gift to you.”

“Oh, thanks, sweet.” I closed my eyes and focused on Benjamin’s hands.

A few moments passed.

“Okay, come on,” Dacia said, taking Farahnaz’s hand. “Enough of this lame ‘foot massage’ crap. I’m going to fuck you with my strap on.”

Dacia stood, knocking my feet to one side.

“But wait,” Farahnaz said as Dacia tugged her to stand. “I promised Jefferson he would be my first.”

“Go, it’s all right,” I waved, putting my feet back on the couch. “She can be your first woman, I’ll be your first man.”

“Oh Solomon, you are so wise.” Farahnaz managed as Dacia tugged her into the hallway.

Benjamin began to rub my feet.

“Well, I am not watching a foot massage when there’s hot girl-on-girl action in the next room.” Linda said, standing.

“Right behind you,” Shelby said.

Everyone began to move toward the bedroom.

“Let’s not fight the trend, Benjamin,” I pulled my feet back. “You can continue my massage in the other room.”

“Yes, Jefferson.”

Benjamin followed me into the bedroom. We maneuvered past Mitzi, Linda and Shelby, who clustered near the door watching as Dacia, stripped to her underwear, stepped into the harness of her strap on.

Farahnaz pulled off her dress and reclined nude on the bed.

“Jefferson, do you see what a display we are?” Farahnaz asked. “Surely I am not going to be the only nude?”

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that.” I pulled my shirt over my head, and removed my jeans. I sat in a high backed chair. “Benjamin, would you please undress Mitzi?”

“Jefferson!,” Mitzi began. “I don’t want him to . . .”

“Shhh, shhh,” I said. “I’m trying to watch the show.”

Benjamin stood before Mitzi. “May I?”

She looked at me. “Fine.” She dropped her hands as Benjamin pulled off her top and unhooked her bra.

Dacia crouched on her knees, leaning forward to kiss Farahnaz. Seth watched from a corner.

Benjamin unfastened Mitzi’s pants and tugged. “I’ll take it from here,” she demurred. She stepped from her jeans and lowered her panties.

“Benjamin, could you bring those panties to me?” I asked. He delivered them. I tucked them behind my back.

Shelby laughed. I caught her eye, glad that she was enjoying herself. I knew she couldn’t stay much later, so I wanted to be sure she got an eyeful for the ride back home.

Farahnaz sighed as Dacia entered her.

Mitzi stomped a foot. “Jefferson, I feel a little ridiculous standing her naked.”

“Perhaps because you are rather alone in your nudity. Perhaps you need company. Perhaps you should undress Linda.”

Linda smiled and stood erect.

“Do you mind?” Mitzi asked.

“Be my guest,” Linda said.

Mitzi lifted Linda’s shirt, her hands grazing her soft flesh.

Shelby’s eyes drifted from the women on the bed to the women by her side.

“Benjamin,” I beckoned. “Thanks for taking care of that. I’d like you to suck my cock, but can you do me a favor first?”

“What is that, Jefferson?”

I indicated a chest of drawers. “Open the third drawer down on the right side. Inside you will find my socks. You can ignore my socks. In the left hand side, at the back, you will find black lace panties and a pair of black hose. Would you retrieve those, please?”

“Of course, Jefferson.” Benjamin rummaged through my drawer.

Mitzi stooped as she lowered Linda’s pants.

“Does that feel all right?” Dacia asked.

“Yes, you treat me very well,” Farahnaz responded.

John, sitting opposite me on the other side of the bed, took out his cock and stroked it.

Shelby watched Benjamin return with his hands full of dainties.

“Are these what you wanted?” he asked me.

“Yes. I’d like you put them on, please.”

“Finally,” Dacia said, looking over. “You are doing something with him.”

Benjamin examined the panties. He found the back and stepped into them awkwardly. He pulled them up.

He turned to face me.

“You look fetching, little Benjamin.” I smiled. “But you didn’t do such a sexy job putting them on. You need to look like you really enjoy it. Now, when you put on the hose, put your heart in it. Extend your legs. Give it the full Mrs. Robinson feel.”

Linda passed her panties to me. “Oh, thanks honey,” I said, tucking them behind my back.

Benjamin sat on the edge of the bed. He extended his right leg.

“Point your toes . . . that’s it,” I said. “And take your time.”

I reached for my bourbon.

Benjamin slipped the hose over his toes and slowly rolled them up the curve of his arch, over his heel, and to his ankle. His eyes were on mine as he passed his calf. He snapped them into place mid-thigh.

“Good,” I nodded, my throat a little hoarse. “Now the other one.”

Mitzi watched my reaction as he rolled the other hose up his leg, even more slowly than the first. I was growing hard.

“Fucking hot, man,” Shelby nodded.

“Benjamin, you are a very pretty girl.” I nestled my bourbon in my palm. “I’ll take that blowjob now.”

Benjamin lowered himself to my knees. I spread my legs and watched his mouth descend to my cock.

He took it full in his mouth, gagging slightly.

“Take your time, Benjamin.” I placed a hand on his cheek. “Savor it.”

Benjamin slowed, pulling back slightly. He soon speed up again as his mouth pumped up and back. His blowjob was messy and disorganized, rushed by his hunger to taste cock.

“That’s some blowjob you’ve got there,” I said, petting his hair. “It’s like getting a quick one in a bus station.”

He dropped my cock and gasped. “Thanks. It’s only the second time I’ve done this.”

“This is your second blowjob?” I asked.

Dacia paused in her thrusts as she overheard. “Aw! His second blowjob!” she exclaimed. “How sweet.”

Everyone joined her in cooing.

Benjamin blushed.

“That really is sweet, little girl,” I smiled at him, stroking his cheek. “Now, suck my cock.”

He went back to his task.

I surveyed the room.

Linda and Mitzi were nude, talking near the door. Shelby stood nearby, clothed and watching the clock. Dacia was fucking Farahnaz on the bed. Seth watched; he wasn’t going to do anything with anyone other than Dacia. John masturbated in a chair.

I needed to mix things up a bit.

I cupped Benjamin’s chin in my hand. “Little girl, I want you to stop and listen.”

My cock popped from his mouth. “Yes, Jefferson?”

“I want you to crawl to the chair on the other side of the room. There, you will find my friend John. Ask him if he would like you to suck his cock. If he says yes, you may give your third blowjob.”

Benjamin looked past the tangle of limbs on the bed. “Yes, of course.” He turned and crawled away, his ass swaying in his pretty lace panties.

He found John receptive to his offer.

Shelby came and whispered in my ear. “Baby, I need to get going.”

I kissed her cheek. “I know, let me get my pants on and I’ll walk you out.”

Mitzi’s eyes followed as I led Shelby into the living room.

“Did you have a good time, sugar?” I asked.

“I did,” she smiled. “It was fun to watch you be all butch and shit. Though you know I can still kick your ass.”

“You and I both know that,” I nodded.

“So Farahnaz told me the next party is on her birthday.”

“Yeah, that’s right, actually.”

“Cool. Maybe I’ll make it back to that one.”

“Really? Well, hopefully you can stay over.”

“Maybe. But this doesn’t mean I want to do group sex, man. It’s just fun to see everyone and watch.”

“Whatever you like, baby,” I beamed. I put my cheek to hers. “Thanks again for the trip south.”

“No problem. It was fun.” She hefted her bag over a shoulder. “Okay dude, I’m outta here. Happy birthday.”

“Bye honey.”

I closed the door behind her.

I turned to find Mitzi watching from the hallway. She was wearing her panties and top.

She pulled me aside. “Do you like your present?”

“I do, yes. He’s fun, don’t you think?”

Mitzi nodded, shaking the hair from her eyes. “It’s fun to watch you use him.”

I smiled, resting my hands on her hips.

“Will you use me tonight too?” she asked.

“You can count on that,” I kissed her.

“Mister Jefferson,” Farahnaz called. “Where have you gone off to?”

“In the hallway,” I answered.

Farahnaz appeared in the doorway. She rested a long arm on her door jam, and jutted her hip to one side. “Oh, hello Mitzi. Mister Jefferson, may I remind you that I am all yours, but only until eleven?”

“Oh, yes, thank you, Farahnaz. And I know it is getting late.”

“Indeed. Mitzi, do you mind if I borrow the birthday boy?”

“Anything for you, Farahnaz.” Mitzi stepped from my hands.

“You are kind to princesses,” Farahnaz smiled to Mitzi. She took my hand. “Come on, this room is busy. Let’s try the other.”

I glanced into the bedroom. John sprawled across the bed as Benjamin blew him. Dacia rode Seth’s lap in a chair.

Mitzi stayed to check on her charge.

Farahnaz and I found Nicole and Giancarlo in the back room. I’d all but forgotten they were at the party.

They were fully dressed. She sat before him, sucking his unzipped cock.

“I hope we’re not intruding,” I said, removing my jeans.

“No, s’cool,” Giancarlo nodded.

Nicole looked over at us, then back up to Giancarlo.

“Now, Mister Jefferson,” Farahnaz began as she reclined on an empty bed. “You know very well how I like to be taken.”

“Yes, I do,” I said, taking a condom as I lay next to her. “You would like this slow at first, then building in intensity.”

“Yes, you remember me so well,” she said, touching my hair.

“You are very memorable, lovely. Would you enjoy being bitten?” I rested my fingertips on her ribcage, just under her breasts.

“Let’s see once we get there.” She offered her lips to mine.

I felt myself growing hard against her thighs.

I took her face in my hands as we began to fuck. My eyes were on hers, watching for her responses.

“You are taking me very well, Mister Jefferson,” she said, her voice calm. “But really, is that the best you can do?”

“I think I can do better,” I smiled. I pulled back and pushed a little deeper, a little harder. “Is that better?” I asked.

“I think you are refusing to do better,” she taunted.

“Oh, do you think some other man could do better, then?” I retorted.

I sat back on my haunches and pushed back her thighs. I went fast but not too deep, aiming for that place in her body I have found before.

I am still taking mental notes when making love with my transsexual girlfriend, drawing maps in my memory of her erogenous zones. She is like other lovers in some respects, like no one other than herself in others.

Apparently, I was doing better.

“Yes,” she whispered. “You can bite me now.”

I nodded and took her shoulder in my teeth. My cock stayed on course—fast, rhythmic, shallow.


I looked up.

Mitzi stood in the door with Benjamin. Both were fully dressed.

Mitzi looked a little stricken.

“Benjamin has something to tell you,” she said, standing to one side.

“Yes, Benjamin?” I slowed my cock in Farahnaz. She craned her neck to look back at the boy.

“Look man, I hate to do this, but I need to cut out.” All pretense of submission had vanished from his voice. He held up a cell. “I just got this call from one of my best buds. He broke both of his legs, so I need to get to the hospital.”

“Oh dear!” I said.

“I don’t understand,” Farahnaz said. “Your friend broke two legs?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy shit.”

“Imagine the odds,” I nodded. My eyes caught Mitzi’s.

“Yes, I felt Benjamin should tell you this news himself,” Mitzi said.

“Yes, I appreciate that,” I agreed. “Well, Benjamin, thank you for your service tonight.”

“My pleasure, man. I’ll definitely be back,” he nodded.

Not likely, I thought, if Mitzi’s face offers any clues.

“Cool. Well, Mitzi, would you mind showing him out? I’m sort of . . . caught up with Farahnaz.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll be back.” Mitzi ushered Benjamin from the room.

I returned my attentions to Farahnaz.

“You don’t believe that, do you?” she asked. “I mean, come on, who breaks two legs and needs his friend to rush over?”

“Now, Farahnaz,” I shook my head. “Why ever would he lie?”

We fucked until she turned into a pumpkin.

The rest of the night progressed smoothly. Around two, I found the party’s remnants gathered in the living room.

Dacia was in her panties, huddled under a blanket. She talked with Seth and Linda, who stretched her nude legs across my desk chair.

Mitzi came in from a smoke on the terrace.

“So,” I asked. “Anyone up for bacon cheeseburgers?” I was in a mood to cook.

This was greeted as a fine idea. Mitzi joined me as I fired up my grill.

“Can you believe that bullshit about the friend’s emergency?” she asked, still steamed about Benjamin. “That, and the whole fake picture thing. What a loser.”

“Yeah, but you never know,” I said, taking bacon from the refrigerator. “If this was all new to him, he may have felt the need to disguise himself in layers of falsehoods. You know? Whether to protect his identity, or to allow himself to come here at all.”

“Whatever. You know, he lied, so he’s a loser.”

“I suppose. But when he let himself go, he was all right.” The first patty sizzled as it hit the grill.

“It’s shame, though,” I said, clucking my tongue. “You’d think that making dinner after an orgy would be fun for a good submissive.”

“Yeah, too bad his friend broke his legs,” Mitzi laughed.


Mitzi said...

That F'in' fakey sub!!!

curiouskitten13 said...

You are so unfailingly kind. Your words are tender, your motivations seem to be centered around pleasure for all involved. You've got me hooked, me and legions of others it seems.

nycbadboy said...

Umm..can I get Dacia's number please?:)

Avah said...

Loved it! Like I'd say anything else? ;) Sounds like you still had fun even if Benjamin turned out to be a flake...

Viviane said...

Nice party! But I had the same reaction as when you told me this story. I would've reposted Benjamin's 'pictures' back on CL>CE and warned folks off him.

I'm not particularly vengeful, but I don't see a point if you're not going to send your real picture.

greenlacewing said...

wonderful reading