Monday, October 03, 2005

Dances with Nubians

After our performance, Consuela sauntered to the terrace, accompanied by her water and a string of admirers.

My naked skin still flushed from our romp, I took two bottles of water. I offered one to my new acquaintance, Maria.

Maria was dressed casually, but with care: jeans and a sleeveless pullover with a plunging neckline. Her curly shoulder length hair had fresh blonde highlights that complemented her creamy complexion and hazel eyes.

“Warm night, huh?” I asked, taking a drink.

“Yeah. Pretty humid, right?”

“I’ll say. But it’s pleasant enough. So, have you been to many parties like this?”

“A few.” She looked up at me, a little shy. “Not so many.”

“Well, if you have any questions or anything, let me know.” I reached for a notebook on my desk. “Say, I host a few parties. If you are interested in this, I can put you on my list.”

“Oh, I’d like that, thanks.” Maria took the notebook and a pencil, writing her name, telephone number and email address.

She gave the notebook back to me. I looked to be sure it was legible to my eyes.

“Your last name—is that Mexican?”

“Yes. My dad is Mexican, my mom is from Puerto Rico. Me, I’m from Brooklyn.”

“Nice. And this is your screen name—‘shackledpixie78?’”


“Oh, you are into bondage? Me too.”

She laughed, blushing slightly. “Yeah, I guess you could say I’m into it.”

“Gosh, you meet the nicest people,” I smiled. I took a swig of water. “So, you want to fool around?”

She nodded. “Sure, that would be cool.”

I smiled. “Great.” I screwed the cap on my water and took her hand.

The lamps in the bedroom were all lit, the candles reduced to twinkles. Several couples had congregated and undressed, standing or sitting on the chairs as they kissed.

We made our way to the empty bed.

She sat on the mattress edge. I joined her with kisses and soft touches to her face.

“Let’s get rid of this,” I suggested, tugging at her shirt. She lifted her arms as I stood and raised the shirt over her head.

She unclasped her bra. “Give that to me,” I directed.

She looked up and surrendered the bra.

I dropped the shirt and bra to the floor.

“Good girl.” The look of surrender on her face was getting me hard. “I know you were sneaking looks at my cock. Go ahead. Fill your eyes.”

She lowered her gaze down my body.

I let her look.

“Now fill your hands.”

She took my cock in her hands, gingerly, like it was a small animal she didn’t want to crush.

I let her hold it.

“Now,” I said. “Fill your mouth.”

She locked eyes on mine and took me into her mouth.

I let her suck it.

Her tongue swirled, and her lips flexed. It was a fine blowjob, no question, but it was her submission and eyes that were making my heart race.

“Enough.” I pulled back, then stepped forward, so close her chin grazed my belly. I put my hands on her shoulders, and leaned forward.

“The pants are mine now.” I pressed forward, pushing her back gently.

I kissed her lips

I traced my tongue away from her lip, to her neck.

Her sternum.

Her torso.

Her belly.

Her belt.

Her zipper.

I knelt between her thighs, pulling them up as I devoured the seam of her jeans, pressing it into her clit.

Her hips were pinned, but her upper body writhed as she panted.

I felt eyes on us, all those nude couples, watching as I ate her pants.

I took my time on her denims.

My fingers unclasped her belt as I worked, then unfastened a button.

Eventually, I stood. “These need to come off.” She agreed.

I unzipped her jeans and opened the fly. I peeled them from her hips as she raised her ass, then bared her legs.

The pants were dropped to the floor.

My tugging had brought her panties down, revealing a peek of her trimmed pussy.

“These too,” I said, taking the panties by the soaked crotch. She nodded as I pulled, extending her legs.

I took her feet in my hands, looking at her face as I pushed them gently back and apart.

I kept my eyes on her as I lowered my tongue to her slit.

She moaned as I made contact. “You tease me, you tease me.”

Good to know it affected her. I gently lapped her, wetter and wetter, until she quivered.

My tongue retraced its route to her mouth.

“I want you to move your head to the pillows,” I whispered. “So you can relax as I fuck you.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

I lifted myself from her body, and she squirmed to her place.

I parted her legs, crouched on my haunches and took a condom.

Taking my time as she watched, as others watched, I rolled it on.

I kept my eyes on hers as I guided my head between her labia.

“You ready?”


I leaned forward, slowly plunging deep into her.

I took her face in my hands. We kissed, our tongues exploring one another as our genitals got acquainted.

I decided that I was pretty much where I wanted to be for the time being.

“Feel good, Maria?”

“Yeah,” she giggled a little. “It does.”

“Good. Tell you what: we’ll be doing this for a while. Sound good?”

“Sounds very good to me.”

Maria signed on for the long haul. So for the next hour and change, I fucked her.

Other couples joined us on the bed, did their business, and left.

A fellow named Luis introduced himself and his girlfriend, Jen. We linked up for a while.

The radio went through song after song, commercial after commercial.

My cock never left her.

Once she gave her up her first orgasm, I knew how to reach for others. I took them greedily.

In time, we had to stop.

I had her hands pinned behind her head.

“Shall we pause and reconvene later?”

“I think so, yeah . . . damn.”

“Feeling good?”

She giggled again. “Oh yeah.”

I had a thought. “Let me ask you: do you like to get slapped?”

“What, you mean, like, while we’re doing it?”


“Never done it.”

“Want to try?”

“Sure, anything once, right?”

“That’s a good outlook.” I pulled back, keeping myself deep in her. “So I’m going to give you some light, small slaps, then a bigger one. Okay?”

“Uh, okay.” She winced, closing her eyes.

I touched her face, holding her chin steady. “No, no baby, look at me. Relax.”

She opened her eyes.

I popped her cheek lightly, and let it sink in.

“This will sting.”

I popped her cheek several times in succession, and let it sink it.

“And this will hurt.”

I bit my lip and pulled back my hand. I wanted this to look scary.

I slapped her, just a little harder than before.

“Huh . . .”

“Okay, now feel it . . . feel it . . .” I pumped my cock into her gently, slowly.

A moment passed.

“Damn man,” Luis said, looking up from Jen’s pussy.

“Okay, that was intense,” Maria said.

“Ain’t that something?” I kissed her. “Okay, I’m pulling out.”

“Thanks for that.”

“Thank you.”

I kissed her once more, lightly on her reddened cheek, and we rose.

Luis held out a hand as I passed, his tongue deep at work.

I slapped his hand.

Maria turned at the sound and laughed.

I suppose I was feeling my oats.

In the hall, I encountered Evangeline.

“Some party, huh?” I said. “You having fun?”

“Oh yes,” she beamed, twirling on her foot. “I’m playing with girls too, so yeah, I’m happy.”

We traded a few notes about how the hosting of this party was going, and thinking ahead to future parties. As we talked, we had to move aside a few times to let people squeeze passed.

“Here, let’s sit and talk,” I recommended.

We found the back room empty and lay back on the futon. She propped herself on a pillow. I sprawled sideways, taking her nude legs into my lap.

I rubbed her legs as we talked.

We were both pretty excited by how well the evening was going.

“Hey,” I said. “You want to fuck?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “I’ve barely seen you all night.”

“I’ve been kind of busy,” I shrugged, reaching for a condom.

“Yeah, right.”

I was soon in her and enjoying the moment. I was aroused by Evangeline’s energy and cute demeanor.

Even more, I was enjoying the ease of decadence.

I was fucking my third woman of the evening. I had met none of them before tonight.

In each case, my foreplay had consisted of inviting them to fuck.

Only a moment before, I had finished a very long fuck with Maria, and now here I was, at it again with Evangeline.

I also realized I was easily the most active man here. Most of the other couples were watching. Those who had sex did so with their partners.

I felt like the only boy willing to dance at the junior prom.

My dance card was packed.

Evangeline and I kissed only lightly—her preference—as she focused on pushing back to my thrusts.

She was gyrating fast, ready to let loose, when her tightening pussy shoved me out.

I tried to get back in her, but I was falling soft.

Amateurish mistake: I should have taken a break between rounds.

“I think my cock is out for a bit,” I apologized. “So you are just going to have to fuck my face.”

“Damn, and I wanted to get fucked. But that works too.” She lay back, ready to receive.

“No, baby, I mean, you are going to fuck my face.” I reclined on my back. “Come over here and squat on my mouth.”

“You are sick, man.” She stood up and put her feet on either side of my head. She lowered her cunt to my reaching tongue. I probed a bit, parting her lips, locating her clit.

She was plenty wet, soft and sugary.

I gripped her thighs. “Now ride me hard,” I asked.

She leaned forward and rested on her arms. “If you can take it,” she said. She closed her eyes and flipped a switch somewhere in her body.

I kept my mouth trained on her, finding a repetitive twist that made her push down and on me harder. My hands felt her hips and buttocks moving in staccato.

“This better be it,” I thought. “Because she could break a coconut with this pussy.”

It was it. She drenched me in cocoa butter.

“Damn,” she said, lifting off me. “Damn, damn, damn.”

“No shit, Evangeline. No shit.”

We lay back for a bit.

I decided I liked the Nubians very much.

I found Maria on the terrace, nude and smoking a cigarette. I joined her, propping my naked leg on her lap.

We chatted easily, the ice very well broken.

“Hey yo, Jefferson,” Apollo said, sticking his head through the terrace door. “Hey man, someone to see you.”

Shelby pushed passed him.

“Hey Jefferson,” she grinned.

“Welcome back, baby.” I stood and kissed her.

We had not seen each other in five weeks.

“I missed you,” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“I know, baby,” I said, pulling her close. “I love you.”

“You too,” she said, nuzzling my neck.

I pulled back to take her in. She was fully dressed, in jeans, and holding her new laptop.

“Come out, come out,” I said. “Sit.” I offered her my chair. “This is Maria. Maria, this is my darling Shelby.”

Maria was a little taken aback. She’d just spent the better part of the night fucking darling Shelby’s man.

She hoped that wouldn’t be . . . awkward.

“Oh,” Maria began. “I hope it’s okay, seeing so many people here, like this . . .”

“Meh, I’ve seen worse,” Shelby shrugged, opening her laptop. “Can I borrow your lighter?”


Viviane said...

'Very nice, very nice!' ;-D

Frederik said...

Jefferson, you seem to have some amazing women in your life. Good going!

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You, my dear, are an inspiration.