Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fuck House

Editor’s note: Much as I hate to break the narrative thread by posting out of sequence, I have to report on breaking news. The next post will be back to the story, cross my heart.

Last night was our biweekly sex party.

I awoke this morning in bed with Meg.

Her green eyes were open, looking at me.

I closed my eyes, and pulled her head to my shoulder. I stroked her red hair, brushing it with my cheek.

Pretty girl, morning wood—a sure fire cocktail for a lazy dom to want to get his rocks off.

I grabbed her hair.

“Suck my cock,” I ordered, pushing her head down, my eyes still closed.

She adjusted her body to comply. I stretched back to enjoy her mouth.

She took my cock in her hand, and put her lips to it.


I opened my eyes and looked down at Meg’s face. She grinned and lowered her eyes.

That’s when I saw it.

Written on my cock, in bold black ink, was the word “SLUT.”

Like an old-time advertisement on a farm silo.


“That rat bastard.”

“He told me I had to be sure you saw it.”

I grimaced, rubbing the word.

Sharpie marker. Permanent ink.

“Very funny. Now suck that dick, comedian.”

Meg took me in her mouth.

I watched as she worked the “S.”

I wanted her to swallow the “T.”

When will I learn that I shouldn’t sleep until Marcus is out cold?

And after all I do for him . . .

The evening before, after so much arm twisting, Marcus had finally relented and started his own blog.

Viviane raced over to offer technical support.

Madeline had cranked up her cam to lend moral support.

Meg helped too, until Jake showed up early for the party.

Jake knew enough to know at a glance that we had the situation under control.

So he took Meg to the next room to give her some righteous orgasms—and a few memorable bruises.

We talked over their sex as we launched his sex blog.

“Is Meg always this noisy?” Viviane asked, typing as Marcus contemplated templates.

“She’s keeping it quiet as we work,” I said.

“This one looks too much like a china pattern,” Marcus said, clicking the mouse, focused on his task.

Madeline: Let me know when you are ready for comments!

We did it.

We launched Marcus’s blog.

The Fuck House.

We tinkered as Jake and Meg came back in towels to see our work and to say howdy to Madeline.

Madline showed her tits to Jake.

In return, she got a gander at what lurks under his towel.

There was so much good feeling. Such joy at Marcus joining the bloggers.

Then, ten hours and a sex party later, I woke to the receiving end of his more sophomoric scribes.

Meg got the receiving end of my critique of his efforts.

A good firm blowjob, and I was merely a “LUT.”

I fucked myself down to “UT” before shooting on her belly.

A shower scrubbed his cleverness to oblivion.

Did Marcus care? That fucker?

Fuck no.

He was breakfasting with the boys he had picked up online after Meg and I dozed off at five in the morning.

He was still out as I signed on after my shower.

Viviane: Nice pic!

Madeline: You ARE a slut!

Shelby: I miss all the fun!

That rat bastard takes pictures.

And he spreads them around.

My dick was the morning's headline news.


Madeline Glass said...

6 AM.

Madeline stumbles to her computer, a "New Mail" icon flashing.

Two Pictures from Marcus's Phone!

1) Meg's tits, nicely bitten;

2) Jefferson's Cock; "Slut" lovingly written.

Just the thing to wake a Smitten Kitten.

Jefferson said...

Madeline, you couldn't post that as haiku?

Let's not lower standards, please.

Madeline Glass said...

Inscribed-upon cock
Sleepily she licks her lips
Wistful and in love.

Madeline Glass said...

...don't fuck with me, man.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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JenOz said...
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Viviane said...

Yeah, don't fuck with Madeline.

(Slowly raising picture; cracking whip.)

Demon Queen said...

Great post, but apparently I miss all the fun.

Viv... will you whip me instead?
Pretty please?

Viviane said...

Why, Demon Queen, I should be delighted!

Jenna said...

Have you thought about selling advertising space on your cock? Just a suggestion...

kozmo said...

if i had a quarter for everytime i had the word slut written on my dick.. iwouldnthaveany... but youd have one. yay for quarters.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

as if i needed another reason to like marcus.. this one is tops!!

good on you, Marcus!!

i am still giggling ..

E said...

AWWWwww... i wanna see the hilarity :(

Anonymous said...

wish i lived closer to you all. i would love to lose my virginity at one of your parties.

Lexi said...
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secretstash said...


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Here is my linking info:

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I'd love to add your link to my site. Please let me know if you are interested.


still hope i'm in the running said...

i did laundry, fixed the knob on the closet door, bought detergent, shout, and a washer/dryer card, made CDs for you, cleaned the air conditioner in your room, bought liquid soap for the shower, washed, folded and returned the yoga towel, straightened up the kids toys, took the garbage out, and watered the plants. now... is this something a friend might do... or a BOYfriend?


Meg said...

awww, marcus replaced the shower soap we used up scrubbing his piss off of our bodies.

now there's a (boy)friend.

ps. you're the sexiest "ut" i know, jefferson.