Monday, November 29, 2004

A Gathering

Dacia showed up early, so we would have some down time together before things got going. We talk as we put out candles, load the stereo, organize a cheese platter. She fixes herself a tall bourbon on the rocks.

She is upbeat and in fine form, excited about the evening. She laughs a lot, and when she laughs, she squints and shows a mouthful of pearly whites. Of course, she plies me for more on my Celia. I warn her not to steal her way from me just yet.

Jake shows up, with Marla. This is the first time Marla has been to a group sex party, and Jake had told me she would be nervous. They’ve had dinner and drinks. She seems apprehensive, but friendly.

If anyone strikes me as nervous, it’s Jake. This is the first time he has seen Dacia in a year, and things had once been pretty hot and heavy between them. He still thinks a lot of her. I take coats, and Dacia chats with them, before excusing herself to take a shower.

Elizabeth arrives, apologizing she was too late for dinner. She hasn’t eaten, so I start up some rice and beans for burritos. (Would I normally serve beans at a sex party? No, but a girl’s gotta eat, and that's what I had to offer.)

Everyone is arriving. Thomas comes stag, Todd brings Honey, and the two new couples prove good to their word. Elizabeth’s boy Abraham shows up—he’s a good looking and tall, with a nice smile. Dacia gives him the once over and says, “Well, all right.” Dirck shows up, and Dacia kisses him at the door.

Marla darts in and out of the kitchen, mixing vodka cocktails. I find she is very quick on the banter.

Honey clings nearby, wanting to help me in the kitchen and, I think, get some time away from Todd.

As the guests arrive, I make introductions, take coats, pour wine, and tend to the stove. I’ve got a living room full of people talking, getting acquainted. But for Marla, Abraham and the two new couples, all know me, and some know one another.

Through experience, prior screenings and conversations, I know about each of their expectations and limitations (if any) for the evening. I know that some have things they are particularly interested in seeing or trying, and over the course of the evening, I will try to encourage those things to happen.

It is best if everyone communicates this up front, but it can be awkward to address a group of people to say, “I’m here because I really want to see some boys getting it on!” or “Oral sex is great, but I’m not getting fucked.” Part of my job is to help ensure that everyone feels comfortable as things progress.

The gatherings all begin like this. How they transition to sex varies. Generally, there are a majority of people who know one another well. One or the other of us will note that we are still wearing clothes, and we all take measures to correct that.

When there are a number of people new to the gatherings, as on this night, we often lead by example. Two or three of us will head to a bedroom and undress, and begin to play around. I’m often a leader in this, as I am easy to get naked, but that depends on how involved I need to be with arrivals. It’s bad form to jump out of a tangle of bodies to open the door, and not much better to open the door buck naked and aroused.

We do have a house rule: When Walt and Kim show up, we gotta get naked. They can be depended on to ignite the sexual activities; alas, they are absent tonight.

I finish up my cooking, and serve Elizabeth’s dinner as an appetizer anyone can share, though I place it nearest to her. I settle next to Dacia with a glass of wine, and survey the conversations. A pile of books is on a coffee table: photography books have sparked a debate on the distinctions between pornography and erotica; another has lead to some talk about World War II. One of the new folks is a very vivacious and funny Ukrainian woman, Mina, who is, as it happens, really gorgeous. She keeps the talk bubbly.

There is a palpable frisson. This is a damned good looking bunch of people. They know why they are here. They are getting along swell. I need to facilitate the transition soon, before excitement gives way to anxiety.

I lean to Dacia and stage whisper, “This is the part where everyone wonders: how do we get naked? Are we really going to do this?” This gets a laugh from those within earshot.

I tell a story about my terrace, which faces a busy street. As the weather warmed last spring, I had anticipated that I should put a sign on the door, reminding people to get dressed before stepping outside. I neglected to do this, and sure enough, at one party I found everyone naked outside—presumably in full view of passers by. I later established that, with proper lighting, no one could see you nude on the terrace.

(Thus establishing for these voyeurs and exhibitionists that outdoor nudity was acceptable.)

I need to undress someone—but whom? I don’t think any of the women are ready to be the guinea pig. I had started a previous party by making out with Jake, but I wasn’t sure that a gay scene would be the right launch tonight. I decide on Todd, assuming Honey may soon follow. I tell him to come with me: we’re getting you naked.

We go to a bedroom, joined by Dacia and Dirck. Todd is tall, conventionally handsome, with short dark hair and a smooth body. We undress him. Dacia and Dirck undress; she head to the living room, encouraging others to follow suite. She returns to make out with Dirck, who sprawls her onto the bed, face down. He begins to spank her. Hard.

With each slap, he says, “Ow, my ears. That’s so loud.” Wham!

In the bedroom, I’ve got three naked hot bodies going. Now to get the others involved. Why aren’t they lured by the yelps and hollers of a sound spanking?

I return to the living room. Mina is in the midst of a strip tease. Turns out she is a professional stripper. Her arms guide her as she whips her long brunette hair. She loses her bra, and reduced to a thong, she dances to her husband, Don. She steps her long legs into his lap, arching her back before kissing him.

I notice almost everyone has stripped to underwear. There’s a knock at the door.

It’s Bugs, a woman new to my gathering, but recommended by three regulars. Our mutual friends aren’t here, but she wanted to make an appearance, at least.

I introduce her to Dacia and Dirck. Within moments, Dacia is bent over book case, feet wide apart, as Bugs administers a thoroughly professional spanking. Make yourself at home, I think.

Stripper on her husband, spanking underway, Jake and Marla are kissing . . . I’m getting a drink. Bourbon on the rocks.

Todd, Don and Mina go to a bedroom. A few moments later, as I am making the rounds, I check in on them. She is on her back, legs spread, as she blows them both. Todd is fingering her clit.

Don looks to me. “You need to bring a girl if you want to watch,” he says.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Don. I make the rules here.” Schmuck. He will learn. At any rate, Jake and Marla were with us now.

Marla got on her knees to suck Jake. I massaged her breasts, then stood behind him to massage his stomach. Standing beside him, I ran my hand along his cock, and then put my thumb into Marla’s mouth. I disengaged Jake’s cock, and with my thumb, pulled her mouth to my dick. She latched on fast. Jake took his cock to Mina’s mouth.

After a while, I put my thumb back in her mouth. I stood her up, and faced her to Mina’s pussy. She dove in, licking her hard. I was reaching for a condom to fuck Marla when Bugs came up.

“You want time with Marla?” I offer. She declines, saying she really isn’t playing tonight, just checking things out. She is stripped to her underwear. Somehow we wind up talking, and I leave Marla to her own affairs.

I am going down on Bugs, as Dirck fucks Dacia next to us. Dirck has a lean body, and as he thrust her, fast, his muscles moved visibly under his skin. Dacia moaned and called for more from him. Bugs were very turned on by watching them, very aroused in my mouth.

I make the rounds and find Elizabeth naked on the couch, alone. I ask how it’s going. She nods toward the terrace, where I see Honey blowing Abraham. Are you okay with this, I ask Elizabeth? Not really, she says.

Elizabeth is not having good luck with men. She is exceptionally pretty, and pretty na├»ve. I had discouraged her from bringing Abraham to this gathering, suggesting they really needed to work things out before coming to such a party. They have seen each other for exactly one date prior to this, and she doesn’t really care that much for him. But still, this is a pretty intense crucible for young love.

Elizabeth had come stag to previous gatherings, and enjoyed them. We’ve hit it off as friends, in a fraternal way. Like Thomas, she really gets a kick out of the gatherings, but also pines to find the right person to be in a relationship with—knowing that relationship may or may not include group sex. It was sad to see her feeling hurt. She and Abraham were talking later, and kissing. I wonder about him.

My eyes were on the clock, anticipating my Celia. I am uncharacteristically goofy in my crush. I have gushed to Dacia, Jake and Thomas, who all agree: the boy is acting different. I bought bacon and eggs that afternoon, in case she slept over and wanted breakfast. That’s how bad it is.

Celia is at the door. I take her coat. I introduce her to those in the room, as “my Celia.” I offer her a drink. She thanks me. Thomas walks over to say hello. She says hi, and tells him he is cute. She kisses him, her mouth open and firm on his.

They are making out, and I have yet to hang her coat. I’m impressed.

There is another round of sex, and people make their departures. As the evening ends, I’m alone with Jake and Celia. I am making out with Celia, drunk on her and bourbon. Jake rubs us; we respond.

As Jake fucks her, I retrieve my cuffs. I latch her wrists together, then put myself behind her to hold back her arms. Jake goes at her hard. She is blissed. I pick up a candle, holding it between their bodies. I drip wax in rivulets along the taunt muscles of her abdomen.

Afterwards, I ask if she wants to stay over. She can’t, as she has an early class, and then travels home for Thanksgiving. She asks if I want to stay over at her place.

It’s 2am or so. I am drunk, sexed and tired. Do I want to leave my warm apartment to head to Williamsburg for a few hours sleep in her bed?

I do. I put on clothes, put out candles, pack my bacon, and we were off to Brooklyn.

She woke me very gently. I held her hand as we walked to the subway. At her stop, I told her I would miss her.

She looked at me, very querulous.

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